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Alaina Marie Mathers is the adopted daughter of Eminem. She is not related to him but Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott is the maternal aunt of Alaina Marie Mathers. Alaina was born to Dawn Scott who was the twin sister of Kimberly Anne Scott on 3 May 1993 in the USA. She has a twin brother named Adam Scott who is a ‘special’ child. He has a physical and mental handicap and resides his father’s home. She also has an older biological sister named Amy Scott. Alaina Marie Mathers was legally adopted by Eminem in the 2000s, although it’s unclear precisely when this happened. Her name was legally changed during the adoption process.

Due to extreme poverty and family problems, Dawn Scott took to drugs and alcohol. She was completely dependent on drugs and lost her life to this addiction on 19 January 2016 due to an apparent heroin overdose. Alaina’s birth name was Amanda Marie Scott and after adoption, Eminem changed it to Alaina Marie Mathers.

Alaina Marie Mathers

Meanwhile Alaina doesn’t grow up alone, After she was adopted she stayed very close with her sibling Hailie Mather’s who is Eminem’s Biological Daughter. Alaina is two years older than Hailie (Who was born on Christmas Day in 1995) and they’ve been keen friends since Childhood. Dawn Scott who is Alaina mother also has two other children, One of which is Alaina’s elder sister Amy Scott & Alaina twin brother Adam Scott. They’re both not living with their sibling Alaina currently but at their father’s house which is not made publicly. Adam Scott is confirmed Physically & Mentally Handicapped.

Moreover, Eminem did not only adopt Alaina Marie Mathers, When Rap God divorced Kimberly in 2001, Kim had to date Eric Hartter (Law violator) for few years which got her another girl named Whitney Scott on the 16th of April 2002. Fortunately Eminem love Alaina & Whitney Scott as if was his own biological daughter, Even though Eminem has only 1 Biological Child with Kimberly Hailie, The Rap God has referenced Alaina & Whitney in Mockingbird song including Going Through Changes: Where Eminem says

‘Hailie, this one is for you, Whitney and Alaina too / I still love your mother, that’ll never change.’

Just like Marshall, Kimberly also love Hailie as if she were her own Biological Mother, To show the depth of love for her daughters, She has a tattoo of Alaina, Hailie & Whitney at her Index Finger.

Alaina Marie Mathers Age, Wiki and Education:

Alaina Marie Mathers was born on the 3rd of May 1993, She was born as Amanda Marie Scott before Eminem adopted her in 2002. As said earlier she has a twin brother Adam Scott who was born mentally handicapped due to Drug & Alcohol addiction of their mother Dawn Scott during pregnancy. Alaina nickname is Lainey as referenced by Eminem in one of his tracks.

Amanda has faced lots of difficulties since childhood including Financial Problems and improper upbringing before she hit the Golden Buzzer with the Marshall Family. However, Alaina Marie Mathers does not like publicizing herself even though she’s widely known as Eminem’s Daughter, Even she does not have any social media profiles which might be considered presumably a person with no ambition of being a showbiz celebrity.

However, Alaina Marie Mathers is a career driven lady, The currently 25 Aged Lady went to Cherokee at Elementary Level and studied at Seneca middle school in Michigan. She is currently seeking a degree in Public Relations in the University Of Oakland according to Dailymail.

Dawn Scott and her twin sister Kim was born on the 9th of January 1975, Little did we know about their father, But their mother Kathleen Sluck lives in Warren, Michigan. At age 13, Dawn &Kim ran out of home in 1988 due to sexual abuse from their Alcohol Freak Stepfather. Report has it that the twin sister moved outside of Michigan.

Kim met Eminem at an house party fortunately, They became friends overnight and Marshall decides to bring them home at the age of 15, Eminem introduced Kim to his mother Debbie Nelsonwho acted as Kim’s guardian for few years. Marshall & Kim fell for each other few years after as they attended the same school. Eminem who dropped out at 9th grade worked oddly to support the family which made angry Nelson throw out the Love Birds.

Kim Eminem relocated to dangerous neighborhood beclouded by Killings, Crime & Drug Overuse. Alaina Marie Mathers mother Kim was reportedly shot at that time as she reportedly said, “I went through four TVs and five VCRs in two years.” Thing went upside when Kimberly Anne Scott was pregnant for Eminem which made them return to Nelson for few months. They tied knot officially in 1999.

Divorce Papers was filed was Kim in 2001 after Marshall found Kim kissing John Guerra at a Nightclub in Michigan, Angry Marshall shot John and was put under a lawsuit. Kim cheated Marshall to have another daughter Whitney in 2002, Due to strong love Eminem has for Kim, He took in Whitney & Re-marries with Kimberly in 2006 but the relationship does not last 4 months.

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Alaina Marie Mathers biological mother Dawn Scott was a drug addict at those times, trying hard to fight the addiction at those times along with her in-law Eminem & Sister. Unfortunately, it get worse as Dawn will swallow anything pill, Her Boyfriend Les Martin said she would swallow Klonopin like a Candy.

Marshall & Kim got fed of this and left Dawn alone, There was a time Dawn told Radaronline that she was stranded and needed her sister help, Kim ignored and hung up on me she said. Due to extreme poverty and drugs addiction Dawn was found dead of an opiate drug overdose at the age of 41 at Motor City Trailer Park in Detroit.

Alaina Marie Mathers Personal Life:

Name Alaina Marie Mathers
Birthdate 3 March 1993
Birth Place United States
Profession Not Specified
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Mother’s Name Dawn Scott
Father’s Name Marshal Mathers
Siblings Hayley Jade Mathers
Height 5’8″ (1.73 m)
Weight Not Specified
Body Measurement Not Specified
Horoscope Not Specified
Net Worth Not Specified

Alaina Marie Mathers Images:

Alaina Marie Mathers Alaina Marie Mathers

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