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Alph Lukau is a renowned author and power televangelist known as the apostle of faith with hundreds of thousands of men and women under his direct leadership. He is the senior Pastor and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International which he has founded in February 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He also owns a television channel called AMI TV that broadcasts via satellite all over Africa and Southern Europe. He is father of 6 and a devout husband to his First Lady; Celeste Lukau. Pastor Alph Lukau was born on the 25th of October 1975 in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is 46 years old as of 2022.

He is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers in different platforms around the world. Through his ministry, people are saved, healed, delivered, we have seen families restored and many miracles have taken place. He is married to Celeste Lukau who serves with him in ministry. She is the First Lady of AMI and is affectionately known as “Mama Celeste.”

Alph Lukau, who is described by his followers as, a man of God who can heal any kind of illness. He is a coach, mentor, father, and leader among leaders to thousands across the globe with an increasing fan base in India that has prompted him to visit India at the earliest.

The government of India has emphasized CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities, which are duly followed by several corporate houses here and they reflect the sound philosophy of Pastor Alph Lukau whose reach touches both the spiritual and social lives of many through his activities that include helping the orphans and underprivileged across the world.

He is the founder and General Overseer of Alleluia Ministries International, a worldwide ministry started in Johannesburg South Africa in February 2002.

Pastor Alph Lukau is a Bible Scholar and a renowned International Speaker who ministers on different platforms around the world. Through his ministry. people are saved, healed, delivered, families restored, and many such miracles

“If nobody can provide for you or give you a job, it is the right opportunity to employ oneself into his own enterprise and strive to make your life better. If they are not offering you the work as per your qualifications, you should strive to set up on your own and the Lord will be there with you.” These words of Pastor Alph Lukau also echo our government’s initiative of Start-Up India.

Alph Lukau stresses the need for the administration to encourage higher education for girls and boys as the world is projecting itself in all kinds of wild imagination. His encouraging mantra is ‘If you cannot perceive it in your mind, you cannot receive it in your life. It is only as you perceive it, you shall receive it.’


Pastor Alph is also known for his passion for perfection in service delivery and continues to set the standard for excellence in ministry.

Alph Lukau Age:

Pastor Alph Lukau was born on the 25th of October 1975 in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is 46 years old as of 2022. After completing his elementary and secondary education, he gained admission in 1997 to study Accountancy at the University of South Africa, he graduated in 2000.

Alph Lukau Spiritual Father:

Before he got to the heights that his ministry has gotten to as of now, how about going through the history of his ministry. He used to submit to the late Pastor Jacques Vernaud until he passed on in 28th September 2011. Jacques was the son of Gaston Vernaud, who got a calling to spread the Gospel. He imparted the Holy Spirit on his son Jacques, who took heed to spread the Gospel and went ahead to open churches in Africa. It was in this course that he met Pastor Alph Lukau and imparted the Holy Spirit in him. This marked the spiritual birth of Prophet Alph Lukau. It also marked the beginning of his ministry. Gaston Vernaud was spiritual son of Sadhu Sundar Singh a Man from India.

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Alph Lukau Wife:

Apart from being a committed servant of God, he is also a family man. He is married and has a family. The name of Alph Lukau wife is Celeste Lukau. His wife also serves in her husband’s ministry. Even though she is not so big in stature, she has a significant spiritual strength. Most of the believers in church refer to her as “Mama Celeste.”

Pastor Celeste Lukau is the First Lady of AMI. One phrase that describes her accurately “a fist in a glove of velvet”, although young at heart she is very mature in the spirit and dearly loved by all. Despite her petite stature she is a spiritual giant born to Pastors and bred in a Christian home and never deviated from it.

She has been married to Pastor Alph Lukau for 9 years now and they are still growing strong. She appeals to both young and old and is affectionately known as “Mama Celeste”. The couple is blessed with two children namely Deri Lukau and Aj Lukau.

Celeste Lukau

About Alleluia Ministries:

Alleluia Ministries International is a Bible believing Christian Church, with its foundation rooted on the word of God. The Church started on the 24th of February 2002 in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg South Africa. The ministry is spread across the world and has branches in various parts of South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Europe and in South America.

As a way of spreading the Gospel, Prophet Alph Lukau has spiritual sons and daughters who look up to him. He has imparted the Holy Spirit in some of them. He has sent most of them on missions to spread the Gospel to the rest of the world. He mentors and coaches his sons and daughters.

Alph Lukau Net Worth:

He has an estimated net worth of around $1 billion dollars. This makes him one of the richest pastors in South Africa today.

The controversial man of God recently topped the news about his multi-million rand house that is in Sandton. Homeowners within the region in the suburbs of Morningside claimed that the house would affect the Huntingdon road.

Alf Lukau is one of the richest pastors in Africa and the world at large. Besides being a pastor, he also owns an investment company which has had a great influence on his wealth. He has a fleet of the most expensive vehicles, among them, a Bentley, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce. He also has a three wheeler bike. To crown it all, he has private jets which he posts on most of his social media pages.

Besides being a pastor, he also owns an investment company which has had a great influence on his wealth. Alph Lukau Group was founded in South Africa and has since developed a strong presence in many countries in the world.
The group consist of the following companies; AL Strategic Investments, AL T Travel, AL Estates, AL General Trading, AL Petroleum, AL Energy, AL Mining, AL Training & Virtual Systems, AL C Capital and AL Media.

Alph Lukau Book:

Alph Lukau also authored a Book by name The Rise of the Prophetic Voice, an end time must read book for ministers and people of this time.

The Rise of the Prophetic Voice is an educational and revolutionary book that deals with biblical truths about the prophetic and its practical operation in our time. This book is a rare tool of the Holy Spirit, dedicated to shedding light about the prophetic to the body of Christ and to raising an end-time army of prophets for the Lord. The prophetic is the oldest and most documented ministry in the Bible, yet it is the least known in today’s generation. No other ministry is known to be more effective in the Kingdom of God than the prophetic.

The Bible, the most sacred book we have in the Kingdom of God, is a prophetic book; the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was a fulfilment of a prophetic word. God is restoring the prophetic in the church and calling all his sons and daughters to be prophetic. The world today glorifies individualism and independence from God as a pathway to freedom, rendering the very essence of God irrelevant. However, the well-informed, Spirit- led and powerful revelations in * Rise of the Prophetic Voice * demonstrate God’s unfailing power and establishes his supremacy amongst men once again.

This book will give you the biblical foundation of the prophetic, help you to discover your calling or gift in it and ignite in you its fire. Beyond all doubts, I believe this book will revolutionise the lives of its readers and restore the glory of the mighty God in the world.

Alph Lukau Wiki

Videos from Alph Lukau

Unbelieving pastor is blessed:

A pastor didn’t believe that God was speaking through Alph Luka and openly challenged him. Then God reveals many details about his life to Alph, even the color of the pastors underwear, and he is deeply touched. Not only does God reveal that Alph Lukau is a true servant of Him, the pastor is also set free from trouble and released into freedom and blessing. God is so loving!

Witchcraft prevented:

Alph Lukau locates a lady in the crowd, whose husband is secretly going to a witchdoctor to find problems for his trouble. The Lord intervenes in an amazing way and saves this precious family.

A witch struck with blindness:

A witch was sent to curse and destroy pastor Alph Luka, but the Spirit of the Lord unmasks her and she is struck with blindness. She then gives her life to Jesus Christ and is restored. An amazing display of the power of God that is stronger than the forces of darkness.

Suicide prevented and life restored:

Alph Lukau walks through the crowd of thousands of people right up to a young man who was hiding from him. The young man was preparing suicide, because he is incurably ill. Jesus touches him and his life is ended. God is amazing!

Secrets revealed and new hope given:

The Lord reveals to Alph Luka a dark secret from a lady and she is set free and restored by the wonderful grace of God.

Witchcraft destroyed and freedom comes:

The Lord reveals how witchcraft is destroying an entire family. Through Alph Lukau the Spirit of God brings deliverance and new life.

Plans of the enemy exposed:

God intervenes in the life of these people to stop the works of darkness and brings His light of salvation.

Adultery exposed and marriage saved:

God exposes adultery of a lady and gives her the chance to repent.

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