Biggest Walmart in the World – Top Ten Largest Walmart Stores in US

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, Walmart is a global retail giant renowned for its grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores.

When you think about Walmart, the first thing that comes to mind is “big.” According to the company’s website, Walmart is the world’s largest retailer by sales (via National Retail Federation), and has 11,500 stores across 27 countries. This includes 5,352 in the U.S. Every store is also large. The majority of U.S. stores can be found in Supercenters. They average 187,000 square feet. Sam’s Club is Walmart’s exclusive warehouse store for members. It’s much smaller. Biggest Walmart in the World or world’s biggest walmart happens to be outside of US.

Is there a bigger Walmart than the other big ones? If not, where is it located? Walmart had a Supercenter and Sam’s Club located in the Crossgates Commons shopping centre in Albany, New York, in the early 2000s. Two years after the Sam’s Club had closed, Walmart merged the two spaces to create a single, 2-story store. The Supercenter measures 259,650 square footage. Six acres would be the best size for you if you like numbers that you can count with your hands. It is very large, no matter how it is sliced. The Albany Supercenter is America’s largest Walmart.

YouTube has a few videos of the Albany Supercenter. It is spacious and resembles any American Walmart. Customers don’t have to dodge oncoming carts as much. The Albany Business Review stated that the store would offer a wider range of groceries than the regular Supercenter. Antonio Maldonado, a YouTuber and former Walmart employee, visited the store. He found it to have the same grocery selections as other Walmarts but with more.

The grocery section of most Supercenters is about 25% of total store space. The first floor of the largest Walmart in America looks like a combination grocery store and drug store. The first floor houses school supplies, office supplies, makeup, books, and other necessities. On the top floor, you will find electronics, clothing, as well as other department-store products. Maldonado sounds like someone who loves shopping. He said that he’d never seen Dunkin’ (formerly Dunkin’ Doughnuts) in a Walmart before. But it was there, on the first floor at the Albany Supercenter. The main attraction of the store is an escalator that you can use to transport your shopping cart.

As of January 31, 2022, Walmart U.S. owned 4,742 stores in the United States. Walmart, previously known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., has been one of the most valuable and well-known brands in the world. Walmart owned 10,957 properties around the globe, 10593 of which were retail stores, as of 2022. Walmart was founded in the United States in 2000 as a single discount store. Its model was to sell more products for less. Walmart now has supercenters and discount stores around the globe. Walmart has grown to be the largest retailer worldwide.

Biggest Walmart in the World:

Walmart entered China in 1996 and has grown to 436 stores there, according to the Walmart website. The stores in China are big, too. Very big. A Walmart spokesman indicated as much, telling the Albany Business Review the company’s biggest stores happen to be in China. The largest walmart in the world happens to be in China.

Walmart’s biggest store type in China is the Sam’s Club, which averages about 230,000 square feet — quite a bit bigger than the 187,000-square-foot U.S. Supercenter. With these numbers as averages, it’s possible China’s biggest Sam’s Club takes up more space than the Albany store. But nowhere on the company’s China website does the country brag about having the world’s biggest Walmart.

Here is the list of Top Ten Largest Walmart in US:

1. Albany NY

To begin the list of Largest Walmart stores in USA, first to fit in the list is Walmart store of Albany NY. Two-story Walmart at Crossgates Commons is in Albany NY. It has a supermarket on one floor and discounted department store merchandise on another. There’s even an escalator to transport shopping carts between floors! The shopping cart escalator is located alongside the regular escalator and releases each cart as soon as the shopper leaves.

Walmart’s 3,500+ Supercenters in the country average 179,000 square feet. Crossgates Commons Walmart Supercenter covers nearly 260,000 square feet. Following the May 2006 closing of Sam’s Club, the company decided that it would combine the Walmart store and the empty space to create one huge Supercenter. This Walmart Supercenter is still the largest in the U.S. as of February 2022.

Biggest Walmart in the World

2. Florida

The number of Walmart stores in Florida is 375, followed by California (301). There are many services offered by the store, including Auto care center and Bakery, Deli. Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. Its stores have an average 1,699 571 sq ft. Revenues close to $36 Billion

3. Glen Burnie, Md

Walmart stores are located at Chesapeake Center Drive in Glen Burnie. at 2 27,000 ft., may be the largest single-story location. The location was originally built for Leedmark, an European company that is known for its hypermarkets. It was the only one in the US. It was constructed in the early 1990s.

4. Georgia

Walmart stores are located in Georgia are about 187 stores. The average is approximately 5,000 square feet . Its stores have a combined revenue of $36 trillion. The store has various services like Auto care center, Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup.

5. North Carolina:

Walmart stores located in North Carolina with 45 stores. The store has various services like Auto care center, Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 99,000 square feet. Revenue near $36 billion of its stores.

6. South Carolina:

Walmart stores located in South Carolina with 62 stores. The store has various services like Auto care center, Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 71,000 square feet. Revenue near $36 billion of its stores.

7. Tennessee:

Walmart stores located in Tennessee with 46 stores. The store has various services like Auto care center, Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 3,501 square feet. Revenue near $36 billion of its stores.

8. Virginia:

Walmart stores located in Virginia with 15 stores. The store has various services like Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 898,416 square feet. Revenue near $36 billion of its stores.

9. Texas:

Walmart stores located in Texas with 340 stores. The store has various services like Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 1,700,000 sq ft. Revenue near $22 billion of its stores.

10. Illinois:

Walmart stores located in Illinois with 13 stores. The store has various services like Auto care center, Bakery, Deli, Money services, Pharmacy, Photo, Pickup. The approximately typically average 1973 sq ft. Revenues near $17 billion of its stores.

The site of the world’s largest Walmart may still be a mystery, but we did find this: One of Walmart’s retail locations in China is bigger by far than any of its stores. Walmart built an almost 1.2 million-square-foot (110,000-square-meter) shopping center in China that opened in 2016, as reported by IGD Retail Analysis. That’s more than four times bigger than the Albany Supercenter. OK, technically this isn’t a Walmart store, so it shouldn’t count. A Sam’s Club does anchor the mall, which has 68 other shops and restaurants. On the other hand, Walmart does deserve full credit for every square foot. The world’s biggest retailer designed, built, and manages the entire mall.

Walmart History:

Sam Walton, Walmart founder, was worth $8.6 billion at his death in 1992. But, like many American tycoons, he started small. After graduating college, he worked 18 months for J.C. Penny in order to get familiarized with the retail business. He franchised a few Ben Franklin general stores in his early years of the company.

He opened his first store in 1962. It was not in the warehouse-like building that houses today’s Walmart supercenters. Walton’s five and dime was a small general store located on Bentonville’s town square. It had a 1950s-style red-and-white facade and awning. It is now home to the Walmart Museum. Here you will find souvenirs from Walmart and displays that resemble trade shows. The museum displays one artifact, the official Walmart articles for incorporation. This paperwork records the legal creation of a company (via Business Insider).

Walmart’s history is marked by many successes and profits, but it has also had its share of mistakes. The company faced many challenges in 2006 and decided to leave both the Korean and German markets.

Walmart’s first attempt at entering the European market was in Germany, and it didn’t go well (via The New York Times). Many of the stores were located in remote areas and difficult to reach for people without cars. The company stopped requiring sales associates smile at customers before it pulled out of Germany’s market. Some male shoppers thought it was flirting. The secretary of the labor union representing the employees said that Germans don’t behave like that. A company spokeswoman said that although they had lost hundreds and millions of dollars in 1998 due to their expansion into Germany it was a “good, essential lesson.”

The company had just over a dozen stores in South Korea and decided to sell to their local competitor to get out of Korea (via The Wall Street Journal). Walmart couldn’t get the same brand recognition in Korea as they have in the USA and only had one store in Seoul.

Walmart has approximately 4,600 stores in the United States, and about 60 stores within the country. (via Biz Fluent). They have the right to alter the names of stores they acquire or partner with, but they often choose to keep the names international brands in place so local shoppers can associate the two.

In Mexico, Walmart operates stores called Bodega Aurrera and Bodega Aurrera Express (via Knoji). Walmart first entered Mexico in 1991. There are more Walmart stores than any other country (plus 1,600 locations).

Brazil is another of the oldest international markets for the company, with the opening of its first store there in 1995. The company also has stores called Toda, Maxxi Atacado and Nacional as well as Mercadorama.

Japanese Walmart stores operate under the Seiyu name, while the UK stores are called Asda Supercentre and Asda Supercentre.

Walmart Employees:

Walmart is the second largest employer in the world with 2.1 million employees (via World Atlas) after the United States Department of Defense (3.2 million) and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (3.33 million and 2.3million, respectively).

Walmart is the largest private employer in the world, with first and second places being occupied by military/government jobs. It is the largest private employer in 21 states in the United States (via Visual Capitalist). Texas is an example of a state where Walmart is the largest private employer. In Texas, there were 168,000 Walmart employees. During the same period, more than 107,000 were employed in Florida.

These numbers will only increase. The company just announced that it will be adding 150,000 U.S. workers to its ever-growing ranks (via LoveMoney). This is in addition to the existing staff in stores and distribution centers. Although the new positions are temporary, rumours suggest that many of them could be permanent.

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