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Hanna Stefansson is a Swedish based fashion blogger on Elle.se, digital influencer and breakfast lover. She loves writing for breakfast people blog and loves modelling. She stays at Stockholm, Sweden at her new house. She completed her graduation at Yrkeshögskolan Göteborg and has worked for Uber as Marketing Manager before she left for working with Elle.se. She quits her job at Uber in Stockholm and allowed herself to work full time as blogger and on Instagram along with her friend and role model, Babba Rivera.Hanna Stefansson

She loves traveling a lot and above all she insists very much on breakfast. She says her day begins with a nice big breakfast. Drinking coffee while working makes her feel good. So she love to have breakfast at her office desk with a mug of coffee. All that she loves to work with are a computer, iPhone and a camera. She loves going on tours for photo shoots and in her spare she loves to share her work through Instagram and her blog. Though she lives a digital life she still prefers to take a note book and jot things with pen.

She also reads lot of books about personality types, this helped her realize that she is who she wanted and have to work to her strengths to succeed. She has 93625 Instagram followers and ranked 271 in overall rankings by Instagram followers.

Hanna Stefansson grew up in Ängelholm, as a nineteen year old, she moved from home and has since lived in France, Gothenburg and Stockholm. But she does not miss the summers in Skåne. So when it was time for Elles bloggers to take over the fashion magazine’s Instagram account during the summer, she quickly nipped the week she would go home. Today, the fashion blog of Elle is her full time job, but daring to take the step and wholeheartedly bet on the blog took time.

In addition to the blog, she has worked in PR and marketing. After studying copywriting, she worked at V & B Change, a promotional agency, joining a PR department there, and then headed for Uber where she worked as a market manager. But in the long days, almost cabbage took on her.

Today she receives a freelance assignment as a photographer, stylist and creative director via the blog. She enjoys it according to her glamorous life, because she does not know how long it will be. Two years ago, she launched the project Breakfast People with interior designer Johanna Bradford and photographer Alice Johansson.
They arrange workshops with breakfast as a common denominator. Eventually, Hanna hopes to work with the full-time breakfast people.

Hanna Stefansson Biography
NameHanna Stefansson
Age30 years
LivingFrom Ängelholm, lives in Stockholm and will move to Copenhagen this autumn.
DoBlogs for fashion magazine Elle and breakfast people.
InterestsBreakfast, fashion and travel.
FamilyMum, dad and sister in Ängelholm
Favorite places in SkåneThe fire station in Mölle, the girls Lundgrens på Skäret, the beach in Ängelholm and Koppi in Helsingborg.
Date of Birth31st August 1988
Net WorthN/A
DIY tipEat less meat and don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth.
Favorite organic beauty productEverything from RMS Beauty, especially the “un” cover up foundation.
Favorite piece of ClothingA colorful and flattering dress with a retro touch
Personal StyleScandinavian
Favorite time of dayMorning

Hanna Stefansson Hanna Stefansson Hanna StefanssonHanna Stefansson Hanna Stefansson

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