Indian Actresses Who Got Breast Implants

Ayesha Takia, Sushmita Sen, Bipasha Basu, Rakhi Sawant, Sridevi and Poonam Pandey have got their boobs enhanced to look better than before. Silicone’s are no more confined to Hollywood these days even the B Town beauties started to set the trend. Kim Kardashian who already has a curvaceous structure is planning for implants to make her boobs look even more curvy.  Below is the list of Bollywood actress who got Breast implants to look more curvy in any dress they wore.

Sushmita Sen:

She’s the trendsetter of boobs enhancement in bollywood. She won Miss Universe title in 1994 and also the first Bollywood actress Who Got Breast Implants

Susmitha Sen
Bipasha Basu

The dusky Bong bueaty went for it to look all the more irresistible. Bipasha loves to flaunt her heavy and curvy cleavage at several occasions.

Breast Implants
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana too went for implants as she barely had breasts. This actress was quite flat when she joined bollywood but now she look plump. She has gone through breast job.

Ayesha Takia

She got much attention for her implants. She was lean but got some heavy breast implants which gave her heath problems. Finally, she had to get rid of it.

Mallika Sherawat

These days she’s always seen flaunting her implants. The hot actress is known for her bold roles. She has also gone through breast enhancement surgery.


Poonam Pandey

The controversial Poonam has also reportedly got silicon implants. Although she has denied it, we can make out after checking her old pictures.

Rakhi Sawant

Item girl, Rakhi Sawant is also not an exception for Breast Implants she too has gone for breast enhancement surgery.  However, this celebrity has now got rid of it as it caused health problems.



Sridevi seems to have gone under the knife. If we compare with her previous pics, then the actress was not that curvy and heavy. Though Sridevi did not choose to comment.

Shilpa Shetty

The hot mommy of bollywood, Shilpa Shetty took help of plastic surgery to make her figure more curvy. If you remember her good old Baazigar days you would know that she has been looking more curvy these days.


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