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Jeffrey Brezovar is an American model  who is known for his work in the fashion industry and being father of the young actor Milo Manheim. He began his career as a model in the 1990s, working for top fashion brands and appearing in numerous magazine editorials and advertisements. In 1988 he was featured in American GQ Magazine, and was also the face of prestigious perfume Aramis back in the day. Jeffrey Brezovar was also featured in Vogue Men with his fellow-models Nick Scotti and Ron Wright.

Despite having had a child with Camryn, Jeffrey Brezovar is not married to her or anyone at this point and has since openly come out as gay. Jeffrey Brezovar does not have a current partner or is keeping it under wraps.

Jeffery and Camryn Manheim currently co-parent their biological son, and despite not being together romantically, the duo are on seemingly good terms. The duo were long-term friends before having Milo and have remained close since.

Jeffrey Brezovar is a famous American gay model who came into the spotlight for donating his sperm to his close friend Camryn Manheim. He is also the father of Milo Manheim, who was born in early March 2001.

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Jeffrey Brezovar Career:

Jeffrey started his modeling career during his prime days. Back when he started, people were not that open-minded about sexuality, but his attractive figure and perfect body build made quite an impact.

Jeffrey was also featured in Vogue Men with his fellow-models Nick Scotti and Ron Wright. In November 2005 The Home Issue magazine published a big interview with Jeffrey, who also showed his house in Venice, California, to the magazine. Vogue Australia featured Jeffrey on its cover in 1986. As of 2019, he apparently enjoys his life in Santa Fe and seems to have retired. Jeffrey made several appearances on various TV talk shows, such as “The Talk” in 2018 hosted by Sharon Osbourne, “Home & Family” series and “Good Morning America” and “Teens Wanna Know” TV shows, in which he was invited as a guest.

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Camryn Manheim: 

Jeffrey’s best friend and the mother of his son, the actress Camryn Manheim was born on 8 March 1961. Camryn is famous for her roles in such series and TV shows as “The L Word” (2004), “How I Met Your Mother” (2005) and “Ghost Whisperer” (2006–2010). She’s also appeared in such movies as “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” (1997), “What Planet Are You From?” (2000) and “The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers” (2006). For her role of Kristina in the film “Happiness” Camryn shared the National Board of Review award in the category Best Cast. She also won a Golden Globe for the role of Ellenor Frutt in “The Practice” (1997–2004) as the Best Supporting Actress in Series, Miniseries or Television Film.

This role also gained Camryn the Primetime Emmy Award, Viewers for Quality Television award and Satellite Award. Camryn is also an author; in 1999 she wrote the book “Wake Up! I’m Fat!”, published by Broadway Books, which was in fact the written adaptation of her eponymous one-woman show.

Jeffrey Brezovar Relationships:

Jeffrey kept silent about being a homosexual, however he revealed the truth about his sexuality in 2000. He was rumored to have a short affair with Nate Berkus, an American architect – the couple was said to have dated after Nate’s partner, Fernando Bengoechea, died. Jeffrey broke up with Nate eventually, and Nate started dating the interior designer Jeremiah Brent.

In 1999 Jeffrey met the actress Camryn Manheim, and they soon became close friends. They remained in ‘just a friendship’, but made the decision to give birth to a child, and Jeffrey donated his sperm to Camryn. The couple welcomed their son, Milo Manheim, in 2001, but for a long time kept the story of how they conceived Milo.

Hobbies, favourite things and interesting facts

Jeffrey likes travelling, and his favorite destination is Phuket, Thailand. He doesn’t like winter much, but enjoyed the view from his window when it snowed in Santa Fe. He likes nature in general, and always stops to enjoy the views of forests, mountains and the ocean, taking a lot of pictures of the places he liked most.

  1. Jeffrey Brezovar is a Photographer, Outdoor Enthusiast and an Avid Hiker.

2. Jeffrey and Camryn were never a couple, but they have a “very tight bond.” Jeffrey and Camryn were close friends, and he “helped” her have a baby, according to Parade. Camryn has raised Milo as a single mom. “My mom’s a single mom, and I’m an only child, so we have a very tight bond,” Milo said on DWTS. “It’s just been me and her my whole life, and the fact that she’s in the audience every single time I perform, and the fact that she’s so supportive…I just wanted to show her that the reason I’m here is because of her, and the reason I’m the person I am is all because of her, so the fact that I could show her that in that dance meant so much to me.”

3. Milo and Jeffrey are close. “I’ve gone on trips with him. He’s a really nice guy, and my mom thinks so as well. So, I’m happy to have him in my life,” Milo also told Parade.

4. Milo posts sweet messages to his dad on Instagram. He loves posting throwback photos with his dad. For one Instagram photo he posted in June 2016, Milo wrote: “I’m gonna be like you.” So cute!

5. Jeffrey is a former model. He was featured on the cover of a 2005 edition of Out magazine. He was also a former Aramis Man in cologne ads.

6. Jeffrey was present at Milo’s birth. Milo was born on March 6, 2001. At the time, Jeffrey did not confirm whether or not he was Milo’s father, but he said the sweetest thing about Camryn and the new baby boy. “Camryn is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and I’ve seen her at many happy moments,” he told PEOPLE. “He’s the most spectacular baby, with a full head of brown hair and beautiful long eyelashes.”

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