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Kristen Nun is a female bodybuilder and Fitness model from Kanas city. She lives in Kansas city in USA. Born as Kristen Nun, she was born on 4 May 1985, which makes her age be 38 years old as of 2022. By profession, she is an American bodybuilder and a social media sensation. Her amazing muscular body makes her compare to professional male bodybuilders. She has amassed more than 553k followers in her Instagram account. She is a popular bodybuilding and fitness coach online and has been popular for developing a Supermarket for supplements. Her followers try to follow her fitness routine and meal schedule.

Kristen Nun has more than 1.8 Million Tiktok followers. Before pursuing her professional bodybuilding career, Nun used to play football and road athlete. She knew the need for discipline and continuous effort in any sports which she implemented in her fitness career as well. She is a famous fitness influencer where her fitness videos and workout images have gone viral on social media.

Kristen is truly beautiful Valkyric Goddess that exemplifies an incomparable beauty resembling the strength resiliency and a powerful masculine-feminine presence that radiates via her physical attributes.

Kristen Nun Early Life:

Nun was born in 1985 and her place of birth is in Kansas City, the United States of America. Her parents supported her from her early days where she was mostly interested in soccer. She was very concerned about her fitness and was an active sports participant in her school. Regarding her educational achievements, she has earned a BS Degree. She considers Bradley Martyn and Martyn Ford as her major influencers. She spent most of her childhood days in her birthplace, Kansas.

Kristen Nun Diet & Workout:

She consumes a modest and healthy and tries to balance all the nutrients including proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fiber. She is very well known for the fact that diet plays a crucial role in bodybuilding along with string workout routines. Regarding her workout plans, she regularly does weight-lifting, leg and glute workout, T-Bar and rolling the focus contraction of the shoulder forward. She also enjoys squat fitness and often mentions her workout routine on her Instagram profile.

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Kristen Nun Boyfriend:

Kristen Nun is dating her boyfriend named Robert James Martin. They often work out together and are very caring and supportive. Some online sources have revealed that Kristen became pregnant in 2011 and welcome a daughter named Kylee. Many people even think that Kristen is male and doubt her gender. But don’t know of these are true or just mere myths. The mutual interest in fitness and workout has made the pair’s love life stronger. They often upload pictures of them working together on their Instagram handle.

Due to super fantastic size and muscular body, people blame that she is using steroids.  But she never accepted it. In a reddit discussion, a user support her and explain that she takes Anaver( an anabolic), that is not a steroid. People also claims that she’s using winstrol.

Many times people also make fun of her boyfriend, Robert James Martin about her girlfriend’s Kristen Nun muscles that Robert James has a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend. But he always shuts the mouth of commentators with his clever replies.

Real Name Kristen Nun
Profile Name Kristen Nun
DOB and Age May 4, 1985; age 38 years
Height 5’2” (164 cm)
Weight 110 kg
Net Worth $1 million
Followers TikTok: 1.8 million
Instagram: 535K
Address/Residence Kansas City, US
Nationality American
Occupation Bodybuilder, Sportsperson and model.
Boyfriend Robert James Martin

Kristen Nun Facts:

  • Kristen Nun is a celebrity bodybuilder and fitness model and influencer.
  • On social media, she is active with her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.
  • She started working out at the age of 17.
  • She has 3 tattoos on her body.
  • Nun haircut is quite unique.
  • Her fan following on Instagram has reached around 439k where she uploads her photos and workout videos.
  • She works out 2-3 hours daily and 6 days a week.
  • She has posted photos with many popular bodybuilders like Bradley Martyn, Martyn Ford, and Terron Beckham.
  • Nun owns a bulldog and she is a pet lover.
  • She suggests that eating and sleeping is a most important factor in building muscles.
  • She founded an online store Supplement Syndicate and also provides online fitness and bodybuilding coaching.
  • Her arm size is 38 inches and her biceps are 26 inches.
  • Occasionally, she eats fast food like burgers and pizzas.
  • She likes fishing.

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