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Melanie Olmstead was the transportation and location manager for the Yellowstone series. She died in May 2019, shortly before the release of Yellowstone Season 2. Melanie Olmstead was a brave and talented lady who worked tirelessly to help make Yellowstone a success. As part of the Yellowstone season two finale, there is a tribute to Melanie Olmstead and fans were keen to find out more about her.

She was part of the filming crew and worked as a transporter for the production teams. Other than these capacities, producers could lean into her extensive experience as a lifelong rancher and conservationist, Express reports.

Unfortunately, Olmstead died at the age of 50. Her death prompted the show to conclude Season 2 with a tribute. The episode that premiered on Paramount Network in July 2020 featured a woman named Olmstead.

Mirroring real life, the episode gives no details about how the character dies. What got fans speculating even further was that Kayce Dutton, who saw Olmstead’s boyfriend killed in the episode, prodded everyone over the situation.

melanie olmstead wiki

Melanie Olmstead Early Life:

Born in 1968, Melanie Olmstead was raised by her adoptive parents Reid Howard and Janet Corbridge. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she developed a love for animals, especially horses. She was adopted by Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard. Her father was a military veteran and her mother passed away in 1979. Melanie’s father also passed away in 2016.

Since she had lived in Utah her entire life, she was a suitable location manager for the show that was partially filmed in the state.

Nevertheless, thanks to Sheridan’s generous gesture, her name will forever be part of the Yellowstone universe. Olmstead and Mahogany (her Horse) spent three more years together until the horse passed away at the ripe age of 40.

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Melanie Olmstead Career:

Melanie Olmstead worked for the transportation and location departments of various movies and TV series. Among her list of credits are Primary Suspect (2000), Frozen (2010), John Carter (2012), Wild Horses (2015), Wind River (2017), Hereditary (2018), and Joe Bell (2020).

She also has three television credits, namely Snatchers (2017-2018), Andi Mack (2017-2019), and Yellowstone.

Melanie Olmstead even spent time in Africa working on women’s education initiatives before finding work in Hollywood around 2000. This charitable lady certainly had a big heart and deserves to be remembered by many.

Name Melanie Olmstead
Age 50 years
Date of Birth 15 November 1968
Died On 25 May 2019
Cause of Death Unknown
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S
Nationality American
Occupation Transport and Location Manager
Parents Reid Howard, Janet Corbridge

Melanie Olmstead Quick Facts:

  • She was a huge fan of Yellowstone as she had made clear her love for animals, especially horses, from a young age.
  • She had shared a photo of her own horse, called Mahogany, on her Facebook profile.
  • Olmstead had said: “My love affair with horses started about the time I learned to walk, but I didn’t get my first “just mine” horse until I was an adult. “This beautiful, amazing girl has been with me since college and recently celebrated her 37th birthday—for my non-horsey friends, that’s over 100 in human years—and she’s still doing great!”
  • The crew member was from Salt Lake City in Utah and her friends and family celebrated her life at an event there.
  • Her other credits include Good Joe Bell, Hereditary, Snatchers and Andi Mack.
  • The end of season two of Yellowstone included a title card, recognising those who have contributed to the success of the project.
  • Title cards are often used to pay tribute to those who have died and they recognise how their work will never be forgotten.
  • At the time of the episode’s release fans were quick to take to Twitter to ask who Melanie Olmstead was.
  • One fan said: “What was the connection with Melanie Olmstead and tonight’s season finale?”
  • Another fan said: “My heart and prayers go out to Melanie Olmstead’s family and loved ones, including her Yellowstone family.”
  • Some fans believed she was a cast member, but she did not have a role in front of the camera.
  • However, she played an important role behind the scenes, preparing sets and transporting cast, crew and equipment.
  • Olmstead, who was born in 1968, has an IMDb account which references the Yellowstone title card.
  • In the episode called Sins of the Father, the words “In memory of Melanie Olmstead 1968-2019” appeared.
  • Her most recent work was on the series Good Joe Bell, for which she was a driver.
  • Other credits include Point Break, John Carter, and she was a location assistant for Primary Suspect in 2000.
  • Melanie was raised by her adopted parents Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard.
  • She was born in the same place where Yellowstone is filmed, so her connection with the series goes deeper than some may imagine.

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