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Robyn Hayward is known to the world for being the famous wife of well-known professional basketball player Gordan Hayward. Currently, Gordan is a small forward playing with the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Robyn Hayward is from a family that is involved in charitable and humanitarian works. She was born on April 8, 1994, in Indiana, as Robyn Van Viet. Her family runs a school in Magdalena, Guatemala, and teaches children and adults practical skills such as baking, carpentry, arts, and many others. To make people in need independent and secure their future.

As Indiana native, Robyn attended ‘Bishop Chatard High School’ and like her husband, was an athletically gifted child. Unlike her husband, however, she played volleyball. She represented her school and was part of their 2012 ‘State Championship’-winning team. During her senior year, she was ranked fourth among the female volleyball players in Indiana.

After graduating high school, she attended cosmetology school for at least a year. Robyn and Hayward got married in May 2014. The couple has three daughters. Robyn once stated on ‘Instagram’ that she had a childhood aspiration of becoming a stay-at-home mother and was happy that it had come true in her case. Robyn, her husband, and their daughters currently stay in Boston, Massachusetts.

Robyn Hayward

Born on April 8, 1994, in Indiana, USA, Robyn is from a family of renowned philanthropists. They are associated with a school in Magdalena, Guatemala, where both children and adults are taught valuable skills, such as carpentry, art, and baking. Her family has a deep love for Guatemala and maintains close ties with a number of people from the country. This has made them adopt a young girl named Maggie.
She studied at the ‘Bishop Chatard High School,’ where she was part of the volleyball program. A gifted defensive specialist, she played an important role in her team’s successful bid for the 2012 ‘State Championship.’ In her senior year, she was ranked fourth in her state. However, she chose not to play collegiate volleyball.
Robyn graduated in 2013 and subsequently studied at a cosmetology school. She was a first-year student there when she got married. She was her husband’s hairstylist.
Not only is Gordan an athletic one in the family, but Robyn was also a volleyball player in high school. She helped her team to win the 2012 state championship.

Robyn Hayward Education:

Robyn Hayword attended Catholic Bishop Chatard High School, from where she graduated in 2013. Robyn was an impressive volleyball player in her high school.

She used to play in a Defensive position, and in her homestay, she was ranked fourth top volleyball player by the State of Indiana. This honor was earned because Robyn led her school to win the Indiana State title.

To say the fact, Robyn was a naturally gifted athlete and had some excellent defensive skills. However, she changed her career path and left volleyball behind.

After graduation, Hayward went to Cosmetology Institute and got training for one year.

Robyn Hayward Social Media:

Gordon’s wife is a gorgeous lady and is quite active on social media platforms, especially Instagram. She enjoys posting cute pictures with her husband Gordon and adorable photos of her kids.

Her Instagram gives a much closer sight of her as a mother of four kids and is filled with pictures of the beloving kids. Similarly, she tweets stuff related to her husband’s profession, games, and Twitter achievements.

Robyn not only posts pictures but also addresses severe social issues on the platform so that her followers can also get light of the situation.

In addition, she has some faith and loves to help those who are less fortunate. Thus, Hayword shares motivational and spiritual messages on her social media platform in which she believes.

In addition to that, she also shares fitness tips. Thus, it is not wrong to say she is a social media personality.

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Relationship with Gordon Hayward:

Prior to his relationship with Robyn, Gordon had dated Kolbi Killingback for 5 years. They broke up in 2012. Gordon proposed to Robyn only 5 months after they began dating, on Christmas Day 2013. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on May 24, 2014, in a ceremony hosted at the ‘St Simon the Apostle Church’ in Indianapolis. Their oldest daughter, Bernadette Marie, was born on June 6, 2015. They welcomed their second daughter, Charlotte Margaret, on July 11, 2016. Robyn gave birth to their youngest daughter, Nora Mae, on January 24, 2019.
Also a native of Indiana, Gordon is about 4 years older than Robyn. He studied at ‘Brownsburg High School’ and was initially more successful as a tennis player. That changed when he began to grow. As a freshman, he was 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) in height. By the time he was a senior, he stood tall, at a height of 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 m). He was his school’s star basketball player and earned a scholarship to ‘Butler University.’ He made his ‘NBA’ debut for the ‘Utah Jazz’ in the 2010–2011 season. Gordon was with the ‘Jazz’ for the next seven seasons, before leaving them for the ‘Boston Celtics’ in 2017. However, he suffered multiple leg injuries in the ‘Celtics’ season-opener against the ‘Cleveland Cavaliers.’ This forced him to miss out during the rest of the season. The talented small forward made his return in the following season and was instrumental in his team’s placement in the playoffs. The most successful season of his career has been the 2016–2017 season, when he led the ‘Jazz’ into the playoffs and was included in the ‘NBA All-Star Game’ of 2017.
Besides basketball, Gordon’s other passions are video gaming and broadcasting. He is the first professional athlete to join the ‘IGN Pro League,’ a professional gaming franchise. Gordon is known for live-streaming his gameplay. During one such live streams in February 2019, he shared a particularly relatable moment with Robyn. Having finished a game, he asked her if he had time for one more, to which she replied, “No. No, you don’t have time.” Gordon apparently agreed and logged off, but before he switched off the stream, it picked up the following line from Robyn: “I’m watching you play video games. How pathetic is my life?”
Thousands of his fans who were watching the live stream heard the conversation. It was not long before the media started reporting on it. Many netizens were offended, especially by Robyn’s last line. In response, she put out a video of her own, clarifying that they were leaving to go to his workout. She also stated that what she had said in the live stream was meant as a joke, urging Gordon’s followers not to get offended by such things.
Robyn is quite active on ‘Instagram’ and has accumulated over a hundred thousand followers on the platform. She mainly posts photographs and videos of her travel, family, and friends. In 2018, following her husband’s return from injury, she jokingly threatened her husband’s opponents in an ‘Instagram’ post, writing “If anyone fouls my husband, I will find you.”
robyn hayward husband
When Robyn graduated from high school in 2013, She and Gordon met. Before Gordan’s encounter with Robyn, he dated Kolbi Killingback and broke up after five years. In which scenario Robyn met Gordan is, however, not disclosed.
The couple started dating in 2013 and only after five months got engaged. Gordon surprised Robyn with the most romantic proposal.

They tied the knot on May 24, 2014, at the St. Simon Catholic Church in their hometown Indianapolis.

Ever Since the couple shares mutual understanding and lives the best life, supporting each other, they have four years age difference.

Also, Robyn’s helping & giving nature impressed Gordon. Since she came from a Philanthropy family, she often serves food to the needy people in the church and other volunteering services.

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Robyn Hayward Biography
Name Robyn Hayward
Real Name Robyn Van Viet Hayward
Nickname Robyn
Profession Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth April 8, 1994
Age 27 years old (in 2022)
Father Name Unknown
Mother Name Unknown
Height 5′ 4″ (1.65 m)
Weight 64 Kg
Religion Catholic
Educational Qualification Graduation
School Catholic Bishop Chatared High School, Indianapolis (Graduated in 2013)
College Attended Cosmetology Institution for one year
Popular for Gordon Hayward’s wife
Birth Place Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
Nationality American
Martial Status Married on May 24, 2014
Children Bernadette Marie, Charlotte Margaret, Nora Mae, Gordon Theodore Hayward
Spouse Gordon Hayward

Robyn Hayward Children:

The Hayword couple is blessed with four children; three daughters and a son.

They welcomed the first baby girl on June 6, 2015, and named her Bernadette Marie. Then, again, got blessed with a second daughter named Charlotte Margaret on July 11, 2016.

Finally, the family expanded again with the arrival of this daughter Nora May, on January 24, 2018.

Though after two daughters, Gordan had wished for a baby boy. In the gender reveal party of the couple’s third child, he wanted the child to be a son.

robyn hayward kids

When he found about baby girls, he was a little less enthusiastic. But that doesn’t mean he was not happy. He welcomed her third princess and now is an incredible dad of three queens.

Now, the wish of Gordan to have a boy is succeeded. Robyn Hayward gave birth to their first son on September 24, 2020. The family of six is currently living a beautiful life in Boston, Massachusetts.

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