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Ruby Bhogal who is all set to contest for Bake off 2018 show hails from London. She is a 29-year-old project manager and harbours a love for boozy baking. She’ll always try to sneak a nip of alcohol into whatever she’s cooking!

Ruby has fond memories of her mum, Kelly, making Jalebi’s, an Indian sweet. In fact, Kelly now runs her very own cooking channel on YouTube. She is also a hit at YouTube shortly according to her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Ruby was the self-confessed ‘mum’ at university, cooking for seven male housemates, and she’s now renowned for her infamous spicy minced lamb pastry rolls.

About Ruby Bhogal:

Ruby grew up as the youngest of four siblings, surrounded by her Indian family.

She is the third youngest contestant after Kim-Joy aged 27 and Manon aged 26.

She admitted that she loves to sneak a little bit of booze into lots of her bakes.

Ruby Bhogal said she was looking to impress Prue the most. She said: “I have admired her for a long time and watched her on the Great British Menu for years so was super keen, possibly borderline needy.”

“Baking and music go hand in hand at home; I will always have music blaring, so it’s a pretty lively affair,” she says of her kitchen.

“I don’t like people stepping into my kitchen at home trying to ‘help’, it’s my zone – let me do my thing and then after you can enjoy the treats!”

Ruby also said that many of her friends will be “shocked” to see her in the Bake Off tent. She is describing herself as “an undercover baker”.

“Because I am so new to baking there are going to be so many people that will be shocked.  I don’t really post about my baking on social media, so I am sure my friends are going to be surprised,” she says.

Ruby BhogalKey facts
NameRuby Bhogal
JobProject Manager
FromLondon, United Kingdom
Rose to FameGBBO 2018 (The Great British Bake Off 2018 Show)
Favorite FoodJalebi (Indian Sweet)
MotherKelly Bhogal

and harbours a love for boozy baking.

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