Vidhita Kriplani – Mother in Bournvita Advertisement

Vidhita Kriplani the women who acted as Mother in Bournvita Advertisement launched in 2020. This video has got almost 9 Million views on YouTube. Many would be wondering to know the name of the mother who ran for the advertisement. Her name is Vidhita Kriplani who is an inspiration for present day mothers.

Cadbury India’s malt based food brand Bournvita launched its campaign in 2020. While the core theme of the new TVC, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, amplifies the spirit of Bournvita’s campaign – “Tayyari Jeet Ki” (Preparing To Win), launched in 2011, it also highlights a mother’s role in progressive parenting thereby unleashingher child’s potential by inculcating good habits in their children. Modern day mothers see Bournvita as a brand which partners the journey of their children by “helping children prepare” for life challenges ahead. This positions Bournvita as a unique brand that focuses on the holistic benefits over just functional benefits.

The mother (Vidhita Kriplani) and son are hard to miss on the small screen. You can see them running through the woods or quietly speaking to each other in an empty stadium, the mother goading the son to carry on despite repeated falls. Over the last two years, Bournvita, the chocolate health food drink (HFD) from Mondelez International, the demerged snack powerhouse of Kraft Foods, has used the lasting theme of mother and child to convey its role as a complement during one’s growing-up years.

Vidhita Kriplani

The theme (with a tagline Tayyari Jeet Ki or preparing to win) does not go over-board with highlighting the nutritional aspects of the brand. Mondelez has, of course, supported it with a series of ads for its kids variant, called Bournvita Li’l Champs, on the presence of vitamin D (one of the campaigns last year was ‘Doodh ka calcium waste nahin hota hai’ talking about the product benefits). Bournvita Li’l Champs targets young mothers with kids aged two-five years.

Cadbury Bournvita’s advertising has moved with the times to reflect the changing needs of the consumers. Today’s world is an increasingly competitive place for children. They aren’t just expected to do better, but also do more. Keeping this in mind, Cadbury launched its Tayyari jeet ki! (preparing to win).

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