Harini Logan wins US National Spelling Bee

Harini Logan was declared the champion beating out 234 children from around the US and abroad who had won local contests, and she gets a prize package of $52,500.

Logan, who is 14, is a class 8 student at a Montessori school in Austin, Texas.

Harini has won the US National Spelling Bee championship, regaining the title for the community after two breaks in the streak of victories going back to 2008.

Of the 14 finalists who survived three days of gruelling contests in Washington, 11 were of Indian origin.

Logan defeated Raju by spelling 21 words correctly to his 15.

Logan was initially knocked out in this round but was reinstated when the judges ruled that her answer was also correct.

The runner up was Vikram Raju, who gets $25,00, and Vihan Sibal came in third, winning $15,000.