Veteran QB Carson Wentz Lands Backup Role with Kansas City Chiefs

Ex-Eagles QB Reunites with Andy Reid in Kansas City

Carson Wentz, a familiar name to Philadelphia Eagles fans, is taking his talents to a new team – but under a familiar head coach. The veteran quarterback has signed a one-year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs, reuniting him with former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. This move comes after Wentz spent the 2023 season as Matthew Stafford’s backup with the Los Angeles Rams.

A Well-Traveled Quarterback Finds a New Home

This signing marks Wentz’s fourth team in as many years. However, his brief stint with the Rams in 2023 proved promising. He impressed fans and coaches alike, leading the Rams to a crucial Week 18 victory and securing their playoff berth.

In Kansas City, Wentz is the frontrunner to become Patrick Mahomes’ primary backup. With current backup Blaine Gabbert still a free agent, the Chiefs prioritized an experienced veteran. Wentz certainly fits that bill, boasting 93 career starts in the NFL.

Carson Wentz

From Early Promise to New Beginnings

Drafted second overall by the Eagles in 2016, Wentz initially thrived under a different head coach. He even emerged as an MVP candidate in his second season. However, a torn ACL late in the season sidelined him during the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl run. Inconsistent play over the following years ultimately led to his departure from Philadelphia in 2021.

Wentz’s journey continued with trades to the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Commanders. His time in Washington was short-lived, starting only five games before being released. He joined the Rams later in 2023.

A Familiar Playstyle for the Chiefs’ Offense?

Beyond his experience, Wentz’s skillset holds some similarities to Mahomes. While not as consistently dominant, Wentz is known for his strong arm and improvisational style of play. This could make him a good fit for Reid’s offense, which thrives on creativity and big plays outside the pocket.

The addition of Wentz adds depth and experience to the Chiefs’ quarterback room. With his familiarity with Reid’s system and a skillset that complements Mahomes, Wentz could be a valuable asset for the Chiefs in their quest for another Super Bowl title.

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A Perfect Fit or An Experiment?: Why the Chiefs Gamble on Wentz

While Wentz’s inconsistency is a concern, his skillset has some intriguing similarities to Patrick Mahomes. Both possess strong arms and a willingness to take risks outside the pocket. This could make Wentz a valuable asset for Reid’s offense, known for its explosive plays and creative scheming. Additionally, Wentz’s experience as a starter (93 career starts) provides much-needed depth behind the oft-injured Mahomes.

The gamble on Wentz is a calculated one for the Chiefs. If he can recapture his early promise and learn from Reid’s experience, he could be the perfect backup, ready to step in and keep the Chiefs’ championship aspirations alive. However, if inconsistency rears its ugly head again, this could be just another pit stop for Wentz on his NFL journey. Only time will tell if the reunion between Wentz and Reid sparks a redemption arc or ends up as another gamble gone wrong.

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