Elliana Walmsley Fun Facts That You'll Love To Know



By Vijesh Cormaty

Elliana Walmsley was born and raised in Colorado, US.

Elliana Walmsley is also a cheerleader and is part of the Cheer Central Suns cheerleading group.

Walmsley began dancing at the age of 18 months and went on to study at The Joffrey Ballet

Elliana Walmsley made her Broadway debut as Grace in the musical Dance Divas Nutcracker

Currently, she is endorsing Joyfolie, Nickelodeon, Nina Kids Shoes, Kidpik, Izzy Be Clothing, and Butterfly Closet

She has also starred in TV shows including Boss Cheers in 2018 and Chicken Girls in 2020.

On Instagram, she could potentially earn upwards of an estimated $7.7k for a brand-sponsored post.

In the reality show Dance Moms, she won the Mini Solo Award for her performance to the song Sing for You.

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