Powerful tornado rips US' Mississippi apart



By Vijesh Cormaty

Hundreds of people were left homeless, and dozens were injured as a deadly ripped apart Mississippi in the US.

At nearly 23 people were killed and many injured when strong storms and tornadoes struck the Mississippi in the late hours on Friday.

The state's emergency management agency  declared that the twister caused an area of destruction that stretched for more than 100 miles (160 km).

Atleast 25 reports of tornadoes were issued overnight by strom chasers and observers to National Weather Service

Photographs of the destruction shown by news agencies showed entire buildings left in rubble and cars turned over on their sides.

The storm destroyed the majority of all of the trees, ripping them up which had been in place for decades with their roots falling onto cars and homes.

The tornado hit in the middle of the night - people had been sleeping and had not heard the alerts.

In other parts of town, the force of the storm was so powerful that it rendered homes and businesses into piles of debris.

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