Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy Age, Father, Mother in Law & Biography

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy, Telangana's youngest legislator, emerged as a political sensation by defeating six-time MLA Errabelli Dayakar Rao with an impressive 46,000-vote lead. A relative newcomer to politics, her unexpected entry was sparked by her mother-in-law Jhansi Reddy's rejected candidature.

Mamidala Yashaswini, a 26-year-old techie who, in a matter of weeks, transitioned from anonymity to political prominence. This unexpected ascent reached its zenith when she contested and triumphed over the seasoned political stalwart, Minister for Panchayat Raj Errabelli Dayakar Rao, in the Telangana Assembly elections.

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy is the second youngest Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in the Telangana Legislative Assembly, Yashaswini Mamidala earned this distinction through her election in the 2023 Telangana Legislative Assembly polls. She represents the Palakurthi Assembly constituency as a proud member of the Indian National Congress party.

Mamidala Yashaswini’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. A mere month ago, she was unknown to the public eye. However, circumstances took a turn when her mother-in-law, Hanumandla Jhansi Rajender Reddy, initially intended to contest from the Palakurthi seat. Facing citizenship-related challenges, Jhansi had to withdraw from the race. Subsequently, Yashaswini Mamidala, propelled into the political arena by her in-laws, embraced the challenge with the determination of a seasoned politician.

Guided by her mother-in-law Jhansi, Yashaswini embarked on an extensive and relentless campaign in the Palakurthi constituency. Despite facing a six-time MLA and one-time MP like Errabelli, she navigated through diverse habitations, particularly focusing on Thandas, strategically aiming to challenge the established political bastion.

Yashaswini Mamidala Biography

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy, the youngest legislator in Telangana’s newly constituted assembly, has swiftly made her mark in the political arena. Despite being a political novice, she astounded many by securing a victory over the seasoned BRS minister and six-time MLA, Errabelli Dayakar Rao, with a substantial margin of 46,000 votes.

Yashaswini Reddy’s unexpected entry into politics unfolded when her mother-in-law, Jhansi Reddy, faced rejection as an NRI candidate. This unforeseen turn of events propelled Yashaswini into the political spotlight. Her victory not only signifies a remarkable achievement for a newcomer but also demonstrates the electorate’s confidence in her capabilities.

In an exclusive conversation with a popular NEWS Channel, Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy shares insights into her journey and outlines her vision for the future. As she paves her way forward, Yashaswini emerges as a promising force in Telangana politics, challenging conventions and inspiring a new wave of leadership.

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy Photos

Mamidala Yashaswini Early Life and Education

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy, born to Tirupathi Reddy and Madhavi in Vangur Mandal, Nagarkurnool District, Telangana, embarked on her educational journey at the prestigious Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology. In 2018, she graduated with a degree in B.Tech, affiliated to JNTUH, Hyderabad.

Yashaswini Mamidala Father

Many people are not fond of Yashaswini Mamidala Father Name, but now Mr. Tirupathi Reddy is not an unknown name any more. Thirupathi Reddy being Yashaswini Mamidala’s Father has supported her in every walk of her life.

Yashaswini Mamidala Parents

Mamidala Yashaswini Parents as mentioned above Tirupathi Reddy and Madhavi has given birth to this prestigious child named Mamidala Yashaswini on 1 september 1997. Yashaswini Mamidala, enrolled as a voter in the Achampet constituency, as the daughter of Tirupathi Reddy and Madhavi.

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy Age

Mamidala Yashaswini, is a 26-year-old techie since she was born on 1 september 1997. She is so as called one of the youngest MLAs in Telangana Constituency.

Yashaswini Mamidala Husband

Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy who is Yashaswini Mamidala Husband created a bridge between business and politics, propelling her into the limelight.

Yashaswini Mamidala Marriage

Yashaswini’s foray into politics was intertwined with her marriage to Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy in 2019. Mohan Reddy, hailing from a family deeply rooted in the real estate business in Palakurti, Telangana, played a pivotal role in shaping Yashaswini’s political trajectory.

Yashaswini Mamidala Husband
From Left Dr. Rajender Reddy, Jhansi Reddy, Yashaswini Mamidala and her husband Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy

Yashaswini Mamidala Children

Yashaswini Mamidala is the mother of a daughter named Manvi Reddy.

Mamidala Yashaswini Background

Hailing from a family that owns Raj Properties, a renowned real estate and property management company in California, US, Yashaswini found herself at the intersection of business acumen and political fervor. Her in-laws, the driving forces behind her political foray, provided unwavering support and guidance, shaping her into a formidable contender.

Yashaswini Mamidala Mother in Law

Yashaswini Mamidala mother-in-law, Hanumandla Jhansi Rajender Reddy, was the candidate initially intended to contest from the Palakurthi seat. Hanumandla Jhansi Rajender Reddy, a prominent member of the Congress party, faced a setback as her application for Indian citizenship was declined by Indian authorities. Despite holding American citizenship, Jhansi Reddy aspired to contest on the Congress ticket for the Palakurthi Assembly constituency.

The Hyderabad District Collector informed Jhansi Reddy that her request for Indian citizenship couldn’t be entertained due to the lack of continuous residence in India for a full year immediately preceding her application date. Although she entered India on June 16, 2022, she failed to meet the mandatory condition of residing in the country for a consecutive 12-month period before the application date, a prerequisite for citizenship eligibility.

She was advised to re-apply for Indian citizenship once she fulfills all the stipulated criteria outlined in the Indian Citizenship Act of 2009.

Known for her role as the founder and president of the Women Empowerment Telugu Association, a US-based organization creating opportunities for women, Jhansi Reddy has also been actively engaged in philanthropy in the Palakurthi constituency, currently represented by BRS leader and Minister for Panchayat Raj, E. Dayakar Rao.

Jhansi’s early life began in Choppakatlapalem, Khammam. Following her father’s passing in 1977, she and her mother moved to the US. In 1982, she married cardiologist Dr. Hanumandla Rajender Reddy of California.

In 1992, the couple founded their own real estate business, with Jhansi serving as the CEO. Their philanthropic endeavors extended to the establishment of the Hanumandla Rajender and Jhansi Reddy Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in charitable activities in both the US and India.

Jhansi Reddy has played an active role in various Telugu associations, serving on the board of directors for the American Telugu Association from 2007 to 2009, the North American Telugu Association from 2010 to 2014, and as the president of the Telangana American Telugu Association from 2015 to 2018.

In 2006, the couple donated $1 million to establish a student health center at the University of California, Merced. Their philanthropic efforts also include a $1 million contribution to various service projects in rural villages in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Jhansi Reddy Entrepreneurial Journey

Setting up a real estate business demands a substantial investment, both financially and in terms of dedication. Jhansi and Dr. Rajender Reddy, undeterred by the challenges, were determined to establish a thriving real estate venture. Despite Dr. Rajender’s demanding medical practice, Jhansi, in her inaugural venture into entrepreneurship, dedicated significant time and effort to propel Raj Properties towards success.

Jhansi’s relentless dedication and hard work were pivotal in transforming Raj Properties from a modest 32 rental units to an impressive portfolio of 1000 rental units. The expansion went beyond Berkeley, encompassing other cities like Oakland, San Francisco, Fresno, and San Leandro.

While juggling the responsibilities of a burgeoning real estate business, Jhansi remained committed to her family. As a mother of three young children when she assumed the role of CEO of Raj Properties, the couple initially sought assistance from a property management company to oversee their rental units. Lakireddy Bali Reddy, the owner of Reddy Realty, became a temporary manager, allowing Jhansi and Rajender to focus on their family. In 1996, after nearly five years, they resumed managing their own properties.

Empowering Women and Serving the Community

Beyond her role in Raj Properties, Jhansi emerged as a key figure in advocating for women’s rights and empowerment. Actively engaged in community service, she dedicated her time to various non-profit organizations serving the Telugu community. Serving as a board member of the American Telugu Association (ATA) from 2007 to 2009, the North American Telugu Association (NATA) from 2010 to 2014, and president of the Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA) from 2015 to 2018, Jhansi displayed her commitment to community service.

A staunch believer in women’s empowerment, Jhansi founded the Women Empowerment Telugu Association (WETA) in 2019, the first organization of its kind in the United States dedicated to empowering Telugu women. Her tireless efforts extend to fighting discrimination against women in homes and workplaces.

Together with Dr. Rajender Reddy, Jhansi co-founded the Hanumandla Rajender and Jhansi Reddy Foundation, a non-profit organization engaging in philanthropic activities in the United States and India. Their contributions include a $1 million donation in 2006 to build a student health center at the University of California, Merced, and another $1 million towards various service projects in rural villages across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Jhansi Reddy stands as a revered figure in the Telugu community, recognized for her humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors. Through her non-profit organizations, Women Empowerment Telugu Association and Hanumandla Rajender and Jhansi Reddy Foundation, she seeks to inspire and motivate positive change in the Telugu community, especially for women, envisioning a better world for all.

Mamidala Yashaswini Reddy Photo

Full Name Yashaswini Mamidala
Date of Birth 1st September 1997
Father’s Name Tirupathi Reddy
Mother’s Name Madhavi
Mother-in-Law Hanumandla Jhansi Rajender Reddy
Marriage Married to Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy
Father-in-Law Hanumandla Rajender Reddy
Constituency Palakurthy
Husband’s Name Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy
Biography Yashaswini Mamidala, the youngest legislator in Telangana, emerged as a political force in the 2023 elections. Her victory over seasoned politicians, including Minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao, marked a paradigm shift. Her journey, guided by her mother-in-law Jhansi, showcases resilience and adaptability, transforming her from a tech professional to a political giant-killer. Yashaswini, married to Hanumandla Rajaram Mohan Reddy, brings a unique blend of tech background and family influence to the political arena. Her story inspires aspiring leaders, emphasizing individual determination’s transformative power in politics.
Age 26
Background Hailing from a family that owns Raj Properties, a renowned real estate and property management company in California, US. Her in-laws, influential figures, propelled her political journey.
Nationality Indian
Education B.Tech from Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, affiliated to JNTUH, Hyderabad, 2018
Daughter  Manvi Reddy

Yashaswini Mamidala Social Media Presence

While specific details about Yashaswini Mamidala’s Instagram ID are not provided, her growing political stature suggests a potential presence on social media platforms, reflecting modern political engagement.

In conclusion, Yashaswini Mamidala‘s rapid ascent in the political arena, coupled with her educational background and family connections, underscores her potential as a dynamic leader. Her victory in the 2023 elections positions her as a rising star in Telangana’s political landscape, promising a future marked by leadership and impact.

On election day, Yashaswini’s efforts bore fruit as she emerged victorious, defeating Errabelli Dayakar Rao. This victory not only marks a significant political upset but also signals a paradigm shift in the dynamics of Telangana politics. Yashaswini’s triumph showcases the power of determination, strategic campaigning, and the ability to connect with the grassroots.

Mamidala Yashaswini’s journey from obscurity to becoming the “giant killer” in Palakurthi is a testament to resilience and adaptability. The intersection of her tech background and the support of her influential family played a pivotal role in this political triumph. As Yashaswini takes her seat in the Telangana Assembly, her story becomes a source of inspiration for aspiring leaders, underscoring the transformative potential of individual determination in the realm of politics.

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