Daniel Bisogno reappears on social networks with his daughter Michaela

After a stay of just over a month in the hospital, Daniel Bisogno He was discharged to continue his recovery at home. While he remains assisted by nurses and a therapist at his home, the television host also takes the opportunity to give news of how everything is going so far, as he did in recent days by sending a message to the program Windowing, of which it is a part. Likewise, Bisogno has resumed his activity on social networks, a space in which he wanted to show his followers how fulfilled he is, because he has the joy of being able to be accompanied by his daughter, Michaelawho has been his greatest incentive to move forward.

Daniel Bisogno©@bisognodaniel
Daniel Bisogno returned to the networks after a little more than a month hospitalized.

The photo of Bisogno with his daughter

Close as he usually is to his more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram, Bisogno published one of his first photographs in several days over the weekend. The presenter showed an emotional black and white postcard in which his hand appears linked to that of little Michaela, making it evident how much the girl's company fills him with happiness. The image managed to go viral among those who have closely followed the details of Daniel's hospitalization and discharge, who remained intubated and in intensive care for several days, according to reports released during the time he was hospitalized, purges were also performed on him. surgery on one of his lungs.

The detail of the photograph was commented on Windowingspace in which Pati Chapoy, owner of the broadcast, told how Bisogno is at the moment, hoping to have him back on his program soon. “We are very pleased to report that Daniel Bisogno is recovering in leaps and bounds. On the weekend, do you know who was with him? Michaela, and she uploaded this photo, tell me if it's not cute,” said Chapoy while the photo was shown on the screen, revealing that his collaborator continues taking her therapies while having the assistance of professionals at his home. “Doing everything he has to do to recover quickly.”

Daniel Bisogno and his daughter©@bisognodaniel
The television host was visited by his daughter over the weekend.

Bisogno's message

After a period of several in which Daniel Bisono's health kept viewers of Windowing in uncertainty, the driver finally broke the silence last week, revealing how everything is going until now. Pati Chapoy revealed in her broadcast an audio sent by the driver, in which she talks about her recovery. “Pati dear, how are you? Well, here, as you know, I am in recovery here at home all day long with therapies, but I have recovered quite well from everything. Here I am, I still can't move, because I can't climb the stairs well, I was intubated for many days, I'm already moving, almost, almost, at 100, but I still have a little way to go. Thank you very much for everything, you know everything I mean, thank you very much Pati, you really appeared in my life like an angel,” she said.

Daniel Bisogno©@bisognodaniel
Daniel sent a message to the Ventaneando program to tell how he is feeling.

In the audio, Bisogno also makes evident his willingness to remain open with the production of the program, despite the situation in which he still finds himself, as he said. “You tell me if you want me to do… I don't know, maybe a voice message, in the meantime. Although I'm better than the other times, I think, I'm still skinny, but you guys, whatever you want me to say and that, I'm on,” he explained at the end of the audio.

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