Shakira announces her new international tour at Coachella

After six years of waiting and a long pandemic, Shakira are back with their new albumwomen don't cry anymore, But that's not all, the Colombian player's heart skipped a beat after she confirmed out loud that she will go on tour again this year. And what better way to make this type of announcement than on a large scale, which is why they chose the Coachella festival to do so.

The singer surprised everyone at Coachella

Unexpectedly, Shakira took the stage of the famous festival last Friday with her collaborator Bizarrap and together performed the song that brought them so much success, BZRP Music Session, Volume 53, And to make the big announcement of their return to the stage, after not touring for six years. “I have to tell you something…Biza, I'm finally going on tour!” The singer said as she finished her performance, while the name of the tour was shown on the screen: “Women will no longer cry on world tours,

As if that wasn't enough, the singer also detailed the start date of her new tour as well as the city chosen for its debut. “We started in November this year, in this city (Los Angeles). I can't wait! “I couldn't ask for more!” she said excitedly.

Shakira plans to tour around the world with her new tour

It should be noted that his multi-award-winning collaboration with Bizarrap was not the only song performed at Coachella, as it was the first time the singer and Argento played the song live. StrongWhich is included on the singer's new album, which went on sale on March 22.

first track of the tour

It was last April 12 when Shakira surprised her fans with a publication on her social networks where, without giving more details and without leaving everyone with excessive expectations, she shared a publication on Instagram where only the phrase could read: “The wolf is coming…” Immediately, followers of the anthology interpreter began to place bets on what the Colombian was trying to tell them through said publication. However, many others There was no doubt that this release was just a prelude to the big announcement of their new tour, something that was finally confirmed this weekend.

shakira and vichitra©GettyImages
The singer performed with Bizarrap at Coachella

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