KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review : Tasty Feast Served to Yash Fans

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review: Yash as Rocky gets into the skin of the role with ease. He is the principal character and is present in 80% of the movie. He sets the screen on fire with his blazing screen presence, dialogues, fights and style. One would say this is his career best performance till date. Yash has nailed his part, Sanjay Dutt is Outstanding, Raveena Tandon too made her presence bankable. Srinidhi has done her part well unlike in first part. The kid who acted as junior rocky is fantastic. There is a long list of new villains who all perform well and are presented effectively, special mention to guy who played Garuda character. Anant nag as a narrator is adept. Should say the entire casting is perfect.

A special mention to Background score, it really makes the movie so interesting at places and feel good and goose bump experience is possible by power packed BGM.

All technical departments have done their part with finesse to enhance the movie to another level. Cinematography by Bhuvan, artwork by Shivu, BGM by Ravi Basrur and costume designing are exceptional. The sets are huge and CG extensions look very realistic and of great quality. Brilliant colour grading gives that extra feel to connect to the period and geography. Editing in certain fight scenes were a little cluttered but overall good.

Hats off to the producer for his guts. Though the movie has its minor flaws in some places it is nullified by the fast pace and engaging story telling.

Overall, a fabulous movie to be watched only in theatres. If you watch it online or on television the essence and feel will be lost. A film not to be missed at all.

Umair Sandhu, a member of the overseas Censor Board, got a chance to watch Prashanth Neel’s directorial before its theatrical debut on April 14.

Sandhu has reviewed the film on his Instagram Story and given it five stars. Sharing the review, Sandhu wrote, “The breathtaking, larger-than-life frames grandiose and opulent production design and stunning visual effects impart sheen and sparkle. The action portions provide ample exhilarating moments and I must add, it commands repeat viewing. KGF 2 is powered by strong performances from the skilled cast. Having said that, the eyes are on the protagonist and antagonist all the while. Yash is electrifying and Sanjay Dutt is Outstanding.”

“KGF2 is akin to a typhoon that will end the dry spell at the box office and go down as a textbook on how to 0:00 make a solid entertainer,” Sandhu added.
KGF 2 has grown beyond its initial take-off. Started eight years ago as a Kannada movie, the franchise has now spread wide and beyond.

kgf chapter 2 Movie Review

KGF Chapter 2 Plot Summary:

Anand Ingalagi was narrating the story from the novel which he’d written, El Dorado. Deepa Hegde had told the anchor of the channel T.S. Nagabharana She said that she did not trust a word Ingalagi wrote within his work. The whole thing seemed to be a folklore so intriguing that people wanted that it was true. As he gets older, Deepa realizes that it may not be just the flimsy story it appears to be. About halfway through the tale Anand Ingalagi’s health begins to decline and, the story is told in “KGF Chapter 2” we learn that his son Vijayendra Ingalagi, takes over the narration.

After the death of Garuda and taking over Kolar Gold Field, Raja Krishnappa Bairya, a.k.a. Rocky invited Andrews, Daya, Rajendra Desai and Kamal to a meeting. At that point they did not know who been killed by Garuda or who would be the next leader of KGF. It was believed by them that Rocky was killed by Garuda. They believed it was possible that the Garuda’s brother Virat has taken over the mantle , and may have conspired to murder his brother. They are stunned to see Rocky on the scene. Prior to arriving at the scene, Rocky had taken one other unusual step. Vanaram who was leader of Garuda’s army was taken prisoner by Rocky However, he didn’t intend to take him down. He was aware Vanaram was a man of integrity and was a huge assistance to him. He offers Vanaram to help him train his boys who were not professionally trained, the man would be reinstated to his former post. Vanaram accepts and takes the youngsters under his wing.

The meeting was attended by Rocky was also adamant about Reena. Kamal was never a fan of Rocky However, he didn’t make much of a difference earlier. However, when he saw Reena being taken to the event against her will and Rocky saying he’d bring her along the next day, he lost all his sanity. However, Rocky was not in a desire to play with the tiny pieces of the board. Rocky shoots Kamal and declares in a symbolic way that if the players were not able to agree with his demands the group would suffer the same fate.

The living conditions of the workers had dramatically improved under the leadership of Rocky. However, it appeared that the destiny of Kolar Gold Fields, its history, present and the future, had been covered in blood. Adheera was alive. He had promised his brother he would not attack Kolar Gold Fields until Garuda was in control. However, now that Garuda wasn’t there the assassin’s deadly act wasn’t bound by anything. He and his comrades took on Outpost 1, which was the entrance point to KGF territory. Adheera was a believer in Valkyrie ideas and had built the Army of barbarians. Someone provided Adheera with information and the insider information However, Rocky was unsure of who. Rocky was able to determine that there was not just only nine mining locations in KGF. Sooryavardhan kept this information from the public, as his intention was to make use of the resources responsibly.

Rajendra Desai, Reena’s father was killed by Andrews to ensure that Rocky could escape from his fortress, and Adheera could have the chance to take him down. Rocky gets caught in the trap. He is killed by Adheera. However, he does not kill him. He was determined to be an example for others. Rocky was loved by his family and friends and they had placed the trust of their entire community in his leadership. Adheera was determined to see this trust fall away. The man wanted the people to understand that Rocky was not perfect. After seeing Rocky injured, people were afraid and the whole structure was in an weak condition.

Rocky recuperated, and he was thinking of a plan. He travels into the UAE for a meeting with Inayath Khalil. He offered a proposal to Khalil. He suggested for the golden, that used to travel through Africa into the UAE before heading to India and then to India, be picked up by him himself as well that Inayath Khalil would receive an enviable share. Rocky has killed all his rivals operating along the west coast and did not leave any room for Khalil to decline his offer. He wanted total independence on the east coast. He also had a requirement, however. Rocky has taken large sums of money and, to exchange it the money, he demanded some kind of reward from Khalil.

In the same spot, again at Kolar Gold Fields, the trucks that transport the gold were blocked by Adheera, however something occurred that stunned the barbarian. Rocky In exchange for the massive amount of gold and cash was able to acquire Kalashnikovs as well as other dangerous ammunition in exchange for Inayath Khalil. He was armed and was able to launch an assault on Adheera’s forces. Adheera must abandon his position.

Traitor Who Plotted Against Rocky:

Ramika Sen, the newly elected Prime Minister, was the final hope for all who wanted to end Rocky’s rule and become the ruler of Kolar Gold Fields. The CBI was working on a plan against Rocky and they received a positive message to go ahead with the plan from Ramika Sen. However, Rocky always seemed to be an inch ahead of the authorities. He travels directly to Delhi and meet Ramika Sen personally. He gave the file to Ramika who had all the information regarding the trust fund was in operation and evidence that could have the potential to implicate the fund’s owner. Ramika was stunned by this action and couldn’t comprehend the motive behind it. Rocky was bribing each minister of the cabinet with that fund. Making a formal complaint against Rocky would mean that the corruption in her government would be brought to the light. Ramika was left furious. Yet again, Rocky had got the more of her. Rocky had leverage. The odds had changed in his favor.

Ramika realized that in order to fight against the empire of Rocky, she needed to use unconventional methods. She decides to assist Adheera who is hiding in the shadows, seeking revenge. Andrews calls Adheera and informs her how to access Kolar Gold Fields through one of the mines. Adheera is able to enter the area along with his troops. A blood moon appeared from the abyss, and then crimsoned the entire region. The army of Adheera took Rocky’s soldiers by surprise. He killed Reena who was pregnant with Rocky’s baby. A bloody battle takes place in the midst of Rocky as well as Adheera. While Rocky takes down Adheera however, he discovers that he has a problem. He was the insider divulging information towards the adversaries. A leak occurred inside his fortress.

Guru Pandyan, the minister who Rocky believed to be in his corner was the one who committed the treason. Guru Pandyan was also the person who started who leaked info to Adheera.

KGF Chapter 2 Release Date:

KGF 2 is slated to release worldwide on 14th April 2022 in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam. The movie is said to be made in a 100 crore budget. Apart from Yash and Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Prakash Raj, and Malavika Avinash are playing pivotal roles in the movie.

KGF Chapter 2 stars Yash in the lead role while Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt will be seen as the lead antagonist- Adheera and Raveena Tandon will be portraying the character of an influential political figure- Ramika Sen. KGF Chapter 2 will unwrap Rocky Bhai’s empire of Kolar Gold Fields, his rise and fall along with his clash with Adheera and Ramika. Recently, KGF Chapter 2 team wrapped up shooting and director Prashanth Neel posted few pics from the sets with his cast and crew. Though, Sanjay and Raveena were missing from the frame, it was a treat for fans as Yash’s wife Radhika Pandit was seen along with the crew.

KGF 2 also stars Srinidhi Shetty, Prakash Raj and Malvika Avinash in crucial roles among others.

KGF Chapter 2 Box Office Predictions:

KGF: Chapter 2 has already collected Rs. 16 crore nett for the opening day with merely the advance booking sale. To put things into perspective, by the end of Wednesday, the advance booking of KGF 2 would have crossed the opening day of RRR (Rs. 19 crore), which is the biggest opener of 2022 in Hindi belts.

KGF 2 is competing with films like War and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, which had created an all time record in the advance booking in Hindi belts. The two films had sold 4.05 lakh and 3.40 lakh tickets respectively in the national chains, and the trends suggest that KGF 2 will end up somewhere in between the two record openers or may be marginally above War.
The advance of KGF Chapter 2 in Hindi circuits will be second biggest of all time for an Indian film after the giant, Baahubali 2, in terms of ticket sales, and probably the highest ever for an Indian film if we take total collections into account. We shall have a clearer picture on this by Wednesday night. While Jersey would have acted as an opponent stopping KGF 2 from reaching its true potential on opening day, the Yash film now has an open ground to explode on April 14.

Few websites predicts the film to open in the Rs. 40 crore range on Thursday and truly feel that it also has a chance of hitting the Rs. 50 crore number. This is nothing but a historic feat, more of a repeat telecast from April 2017, when Baahubali 2 was released.

KGF Chapter 2 pre-bookings breaks records:

KGF: Chapter 2 pre-booking sales have broken all records. Within 12 hours, KGF 2 has sold approximately 1.07 lakh tickets in the Hindi belts with a total gross of Rs 3.35 crore (Rs 2.83 crore nett). With the release of RRR, it is believed that the forthcoming actioner has the potential to beat the sales of SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus.

According to Pinkvilla, the advance bookings of the KGF sequel are strong across the country, with Delhi leading from the front with ticket sales in the range of Rs 75 lakh, followed by Mumbai with a total of approximately Rs 60 lakh. The bookings have opened on just limited shows as of now, and full-fledged advances will open by Sunday when the sales will just go higher and higher.

According to the estimates mentioned by the leading daily, it claims that RRR had an overall advance of Rs 5.08 crore, and KGF 2 already stands at Rs 3.35 crore with a week left for release. The data collated for RRR was on 3788 shows, whereas KGF 2 bookings have just opened on 1839 shows at the moment. However, with a week still left, it might witness a surge while giving tough competition to RRR.

Given the hype that has been built around the film, it seems that the factor would work for the film and it is sure to smash the box office records. While the first instalment came as an underdog with very few giving it a chance in the Hindi belts, the second part is already proving to be a box office monster. The film is directed by Prashanth Neel.

KGF Chapter 2 Trailer:

The Kannada Rocking Star has become an international sensation after the release of KGF Chapter 1. Meanwhile, the views and likes of the trailer of KGF 2 certainly depicts the anticipation of movie lovers in other countries apart from India.
KGF Chapter 2 teaser released on January 7 earlier this year has garnered 175. 59 million views on YouTube till now with over 8 million likes. With such huge numbers, KGF 2 is way ahead of several Hollywood movies that went on to become blockbusters in the past.
Currently, the official teaser of KGF 2 has surpassed trailers of Avengers: Endgame (141.91 million views), Incredibles 2 (148. 59 million views) in terms of views. However, Avengers: Infinity War with 244. 89 million views could garner only 3.7 million likes. Though the Avengers: Infinity War trailer on YouTube is ruling like a boss in terms of views, the sandalwood movie has left it way behind in terms of likes.

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Glimpse of KGF Chapter 1:

If you have watched KGF Chapter 1 you might have experienced non-linear format of story line which travels to and fro from 1951 to 2018. Story starts as a narrative of an ambitious Rocky’s partial journey towards power and riches. Though most of the scenes have been partially incomplete the story has carried the suspense element of what is KGF Chapter 2 going to hold. The first half episodes build the character of Rocky and establishes him has a powerful maverick don with a small element of love story adding comic sense to the story line. It breezes to the interval with its share of cliche punchlines, multiple hero elevations, goose bumps and item song i.e., typical commercial format story telling but with lots of style and swag.

Second half of the movie takes a turn around where the essence and suspense is still kept tangling by not distracting the audience concentration where rocky enters the dark dangerous world of KGF. Director Prashant transports the viewer into a totally different world of slaves, atrocities and marauding army of warlords. The visuals are of world standards and some scenes leave you spell bound. It reminds the viewer Mad Max type of visuals. The film ends with a twist and leaves the viewer yearning for the KGF Chapter 2.

The movie is Karnataka’s contribution to the pan India audience and director Prashanth leaves no stone unturned in making it a master piece. His vision has been told with utmost conviction and clarity. This movie sets a precedent for the upcoming Kannada movies and new local talents to dream big. Prashant’s screenplay and multi layered story telling keeps you engaged without a moment of dullness in the movie. The way he inserted Rocky’s mother episodes throughout the movie can easily call him Kannada’s Rajamouli.

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