Ryan Gosling reveals his daughters know Kane's choreography

Ryan Gosling's daughters are ready to take up Kane's mantle. In an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Gosling discussed his incredible Oscar performance and the fact that his daughters know his dances and songs better than him.

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Ryan Gosling on The Tonight Show

While Gosling attended the Oscars with his sister, he brought his daughters and his partner Eva Mendes to his rehearsals. “He knows all the choreography and songs better than me. They're showing me backstage,'” Gosling said. “Come on, Jazz Hand!” I have joked.

Gosling also joked about the fact that he keeps returning to the role of Kane, which his daughters are aware of. He said his daughters might have thought, “Dad's caning again.”

He also revealed that his daughters had little reference for his performance as Kane. The fact that he showed them his dance moves and performance made everything clear to them. “A lot of this has no context for them. It's like there are a lot of fake tan stains around the house,” he said. “So I wanted them to come to the dress rehearsal to give some kind of context to what was going on.”

Gosling's upcoming projects

Gosling's presence has felt inevitable over the past year, something that will continue for at least another month. This weekend, Gosling will host Saturday Night Live, and next month, he's premiering his new action movie “Fall Guy.” Speaking to Fallon, Gosling discussed his fear of heights, and how he had to face it in some of the stunts in his new film. “My body feels like it's turning to stone,” he said. They then showed a clip of the scene in which he can be seen going up 12 flights on an elevator and then falling back down.

'Fall Guy' will premiere in theaters this May 3.

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