Barbara Coppell celebrated her birthday with a trip to the Maldives

Without any doubt, for Barbara Coppell And traveling is an everyday occurrence for their family, because although the family is settled in Madrid, Spain, it is common to see them traveling around the world and seeing new places, especially when it comes to special occasions . As happened recently, when the model and her husband, Alejandro Hank AmayaAlso his three children, Amaiya, bastion And kilnThey packed their bags again and headed to the Asian continent, where they ultimately chose the Maldives Islands to spend a few days of relaxation and escape from the routine, but also to celebrate Coppell's 46th birthday in style .

Barbara Coppell©@barbaracoppel
The model celebrated her birthday at a beautiful place

This has been shared by Barbara herself on her Instagram profile, where she looks very happy and excited, enjoying her special day, with her family and amidst the heavenly beach landscape. “Starting 46. Thank you so much, can't be grateful enough,” the businesswoman said beneath one of the photo albums she shared on her feed about the experience.

On the other hand, Barbara has taken time out to reflect on the challenges facing humanity in the coming years regarding caring for the environment, and invited her followers to be more vigilant towards our environment. “Paradise on Earth and at the current rate of global warming, 80% of the Maldives will become uninhabitable by 2050 and beyond…let’s start at home,” Koppel highlights.

Barbara Coppell©@barbaracoppel
Barbara enjoyed her trip to the Maldives with her family

Barbara Koppel and the family's new life in Madrid

After living for a few years in Seville, where he was confined due to the pandemic, at the end of 2023 he decided that it was time for a change of scenery and he moved to Madrid, a city that welcomed him with open arms and where he Have adapted quickly: “We moved between San Diego and Seville for three years. When it came to the point that the girl was already four years old and we had not given her stability, we said: 'It's time to settle down in one place' and Madrid seemed the most natural to me, because we would live in Spain and I I'm a bit of a city rat. Right now we're leaving the house and there's a restaurant, a business, a little shop, everything is within walking distance, how delightful,” Barbara said during her appearance on the podcast last September. naked architecture,

In that conversation, the businesswoman talked about how her children adapted to life in Madrid: “Naturally, it was a very natural transition. “Everyone wants to live in Madrid, the boom is in full swing, the gastronomic offer, you die, if you see me a little more refreshed it is because we do not stop eating and drinking, but keep moving,” She commented, amused. The family is so happy in Spain that they assured that it is a long-term plan: “We have this apartment, the apartment is phase 1, we are going to live there for about three years and then move to a bigger apartment,” A flat that has a small terrace, I can look at the sky, have a small meeting, anything,” he said.

Barbara Coppell©@barbaracoppel
When Barbara Koppell turned 46, she was grateful for her family

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