Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got a flat tire while driving around Los Angeles with their kids

Celebrities, they're just like us. It was just a regular weekend for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckwho seemed to be having some fun while driving around Los Angeles and spending some quality time with their kids, Seraphina and Emme. However, the blended family had to stop their car after noticing a flat tire.

The Hollywood star and the singer had to leave their BMW behind and call a car during their Saturday afternoon outing after the pair were photographed looking for a spare in their trunk and seemed to find nothing.

EXC Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck,

Photos show JLo helping Ben look for the spare tire, but they decided to call a car instead. The family was driving back to their home after stopping at Johnnie's pizzeria for some lunch, with Seraphina and Emme photographed having a casual conversation and laughing.

EXC Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck,

Jennifer wore an all-black ensemble, paired with sunglasses and an orange Hèrmes bag. Meanwhile, Ben wore a casual outfit, including blue navy pants, a plaid shirt, and a blue hat. And while they had an unexpected moment while driving, this didn't stop their plans later that night.

EXC Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck,

The fan-favorite couple attended a Los Angeles Lakers game after the incident, with Ben wearing a similar outfit, while Jennifer wore baggy jeans, a white crop top, and gold hoop earrings. The pair sat front row and were accompanied by Ben's son Samuel.

EXC Jennifer Lopez

The actor shares three children with Jennifer Garner, 18-year-old Violet, 15-year-old Seraphina, and 12-year-old Samuel, while Jennifer shares two kids with her ex Marc Anthony, 16-year-old twins Emme and Max. The family has done a great job at co-parenting, as their children are known to have good friendships.

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