This is his unique style

Without a doubt, there are couples who have won the genetic lottery. As an example, that of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, who have been together since 2006, when they met and fell in love, and then married six years later, in 2012.

Since then, although They tend to be a fairly reserved family, They appear together at events to which the celebrated actor or the beautiful model and designer are invited or of which they are the protagonists.

Among their most recent public acts together, their arrival at the 96th Oscar Awards stands out. and, later that same night, to the most important party within the framework of this important ceremony. It was precisely these two opportunities that made us value the couple beyond their obvious physical beauty, if not because They are owners of a great style that they expose to the world on the red carpets.

This is Matthew McConaughey's style

Matthew McConaughey©GettyImages

Individually, this relevant Texan actor known for his roles in various romantic comedies and cult films such as “Dallas Buyers Club” –for which he had to lose more than 40 pounds in order to get the leading role– owns a masculine style, very typical of its region of originthe lone star state.

Although at events it is very common to see him with custom-made suits in sober tones and combined with a white shirt, according to his publications on Instagram, For your daily life, look for simple and comfortable clothes. Generally jeans, a shirt or T-shirt – almost always in light tones – and a cap, a classic beret or a Texan are your main allies.

Camila Alves' style

Camila Alves©GettyImages

For its part, when it comes to shining on a catwalk or red carpet, The glamorous Brazilian model honors her beauty with spectacular dresses and jewelrybut like her husband, she has a relatively simple life in which she takes care of her three children, who, of course, inherited the best of both parents.

In her days as a mother, Camila enjoys fresh, loose and comfortable designs as day dressesalthough she also sometimes blends in with her husband and manages to looks Perfect for any Texas-themed party, which makes it look splendid.

The looks most iconic of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

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