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Uma Sofia Srivastava, a rising star known for her achievements in beauty pageants, activism, and academics, has captivated hearts as the reigning Miss Teen USA 2023. Hailing from Parsippany, New Jersey, this 16-year-old dynamo represents a fusion of Mexican and Indian heritage, making history as the first Mexican Indian Miss Teen USA.

Uma Sofia Srivastava, the 16-year-old sensation from Parsippany, clinched the coveted title of Miss Teen USA in Reno, Nevada, marking a historic win for the Indian and Mexican heritage beauty. Competing against 51 accomplished young women from all corners of the U.S., UmaSofia emerged as the winner, a testament to her grace and charisma.

The journey to this pinnacle began when UmaSofia secured the title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA in March, a feat she almost achieved even at the age of 14. A high school junior at the Academy of St. Elizabeth, UmaSofia graced the pageant stage in a white minidress with a vibrant floral detail, later changing into a floor-length Jovani gown for the final round.

Having attended Mt. Tabor Elementary School, Brooklawn Middle School, and her freshman year at Parsippany Hills High School, UmaSofia’s roots are deeply embedded in her community.

In a post-victory interview with KCR, UmaSofia expressed gratitude to the selection committee and the pageant organization for the opportunity. As a half-Mexican, half-Indian individual, she emphasized the importance of representation, aspiring to be a role model for younger children and an advocate for change.

Beyond the pageant world, UmaSofia is a powerhouse of activism. Her blog, “That’s Fan Behavior,” delves into feminism, her experiences as a woman of color, and interviews with changemakers. Committed to making a difference, she collaborates with the Lotus Petal Foundation to support underprivileged children in India, providing education, nutrition, and healthcare.

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“The White Jaguar,” a book authored and illustrated by UmaSofia, stands as a testament to her message of embracing uniqueness. A co-founder of the Diversity & Inclusion campaign at her school, a Kind Campaign leader, and active in Mock Trial and Model UN, she is a true advocate for change.

With aspirations of becoming a UN ambassador, UmaSofia’s journey is not just about pageant crowns; it’s about making a lasting impact on the world and inspiring others to do the same. As she embarks on this exciting chapter, the future looks bright for Miss Teen USA 2023.

Uma Sofia Srivastava Age

Uma Sofia Srivastava Age

UmaSofia Srivastava’s age is 16. She was born in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Uma Sofia Srivastava Career

Uma Sofia Srivastava Education

UmaSofia Srivastava, the accomplished Miss Teen USA 2023, is currently a high school junior at the Academy of St. Elizabeth. While specific details about her educational background and future plans are not extensively outlined in the available information, her active engagement in academic and leadership roles suggests a dedication to her studies.

As a high school junior, UmaSofia is likely navigating a curriculum that aligns with her interests and academic goals. Additionally, her involvement in leadership positions, such as being the president of the debate club and co-chair of the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion campaign, reflects a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive educational environment.

While the specific college or university she plans to attend is not explicitly mentioned, UmaSofia has expressed aspirations of attending Princeton University in the future. Her academic journey, marked by achievements in both pageantry and community leadership, positions her as a promising student with a bright future.

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UmaSofia’s impact extends far beyond school walls. Her blog, “That’s Fan Behavior,” serves as a platform for discussions on feminism, identity, and the teenage experience. Committed to making a difference, she collaborates with the Lotus Petal Foundation, working towards providing underprivileged children in India with education, nutrition, and healthcare.

A multi-talented individual, UmaSofia is also an author and illustrator, having created ‘The White Jaguar,’ a book encouraging individuals of all ages to embrace their uniqueness. Her dreams stretch to attending Princeton University and pursuing a career as a United Nations Ambassador and Humanitarian Lawyer, reflecting her commitment to global impact.

UmaSofia Srivastava’s journey embodies a spirit of resilience, advocacy, and academic excellence, promising a future filled with continued success and positive change.

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