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Felicia Combs can be seen on The Weather Channel television network sharing her passion for the weather with viewers.

Felicia Combs, a distinguished meteorologist, has made her mark in the world of weather forecasting with her unwavering passion for meteorology and her commitment to delivering accurate information. Her journey from the hills of West Virginia to the vibrant landscapes of South Florida has been characterized by dedication, resilience, and a profound love for the ever-changing dynamics of weather.

Felicia Combs Early Life and Education

Felicia Combs was born and raised in the picturesque regions of Virginia, West Virginia, and Central Florida. Her childhood was marked by an inherent curiosity about the natural world, particularly the skies that held the secrets of weather patterns. Fueling this curiosity, Felicia pursued her education diligently, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Central Florida.

Recognizing her thirst for deeper meteorological knowledge, Felicia embarked on a journey of academic excellence, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Armed with a strong educational foundation, she was ready to step into the dynamic field of meteorology.

Her journey with The Weather Channel began in June 2019, following her tenure at WSVN in Miami. Prior to that, Felicia honed her skills in West Palm Beach, Florida, a region no stranger to the powerful forces of nature. During her time in Florida, she covered two major hurricanes, Matthew and Irma, which directly affected South Florida.

Her upbringing in Florida acquainted her with the challenges posed by tropical weather, especially the historic 2004 hurricane season, during which Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne left an indelible mark on her hometown. It is this deep-seated understanding of the region’s vulnerability to extreme weather that fuels Felicia’s commitment to The Weather Channel’s mission of being the most trusted source of weather information, including comprehensive hurricane coverage.

Felicia Combs

Felicia embarked on her meteorological career in Macon, Georgia, where she spent several years forecasting the weather in central Georgia. Her journey then took her to Springfield, Missouri, a region known for its diverse weather patterns. Here, Felicia’s reporting ranged from covering tornado outbreaks to monitoring winter storms and historic flooding events. Her ability to convey complex weather information in an accessible manner earned her a strong following among viewers.

Felicia’s educational background includes a degree in journalism from the University of Central Florida and an operational meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. Her dedication and expertise have been recognized by the National Weather Association, which awarded her their seal of approval for on-camera meteorologists.

Felicia Combs’ career is not just a profession; it’s a lifelong passion for weather science and its profound influence on our lives. Through her work on The Weather Channel, she continues to inform and educate viewers about the ever-changing dynamics of the atmosphere, helping them stay prepared and safe in the face of weather’s unpredictability.

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Professional Odyssey

Felicia’s meteorological odyssey commenced with an internship at WFTV and WOFL, the Orlando ABC and Fox affiliates, during her college years. These early experiences provided her with valuable insights into the broadcasting world and solidified her commitment to becoming a meteorologist.

Her career officially took flight in Macon, Georgia, where she served as the weekday morning forecaster and weather anchor at WGXA. During her 2.5-year tenure in Macon, Felicia honed her skills and developed a deep appreciation for the importance of delivering accurate weather information to the community.

Driven by her passion for meteorology and the pursuit of new challenges, Felicia ventured to Springfield, Missouri. In this region, characterized by its ever-changing Ozark’s weather, Felicia showcased her mettle. She tackled forecasting severe winter weather, tracked and reported on several confirmed tornadoes, and provided critical information during historic flooding events.

A Homecoming to South Florida

Felicia’s heart, however, yearned to return home—to the warmth of Florida and its pristine beaches. Her dream was realized when she found her way to West Palm, Florida. Joining the meteorological team at WPTV NewsChannel 5 and WFLX FOX29, Felicia brought her expertise and enthusiasm to South Florida.

Throughout her meteorological journey, Felicia’s dedication has earned her the National Weather Association seal of approval, a testament to her commitment to precision in weather forecasting. South Florida’s diverse weather patterns present unique forecasting challenges, and Felicia embraces them with open arms.

Full Name Felicia Combs
Date of Birth Not publicly available
Place of Birth Not publicly available
Nationality American
Education – Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Central Florida<br>- Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Mississippi State University
Career – Worked at WGXA in Macon, Georgia as a weekday morning forecaster and weather anchor<br>- Worked in Springfield, Missouri, where she forecasted various weather conditions, including tornado outbreaks, winter storms, and historic flooding<br>- Joined The Weather Channel television network in June 2019
Notable Work – Covered major hurricanes Matthew and Irma while working in South Florida<br>- Provided weather reports during her time in Missouri, which included severe weather events
Professional Memberships Member of the National Weather Association with their seal of approval for on-camera meteorologists
Personal Life Felicia Combs keeps her personal life private, and information about her marital status or family is not publicly available.
Passions Felicia is passionate about weather forecasting and enjoys sharing her expertise with viewers. She has a deep understanding of tropical weather due to her upbringing in Florida.
Social Media Felicia Combs is active on social media platforms where she shares weather updates and insights with her audience. Her presence on social media reflects her dedication to meteorology.

Beyond the Forecast

When she’s not on air, Felicia Combs finds solace in the great outdoors. Whether it’s jogging along scenic trails, immersing herself in the serenity of the water, or simply unwinding at the beach, she embraces the beauty of nature. Felicia’s zest for life extends to exploring the vibrant local culture, indulging in delectable cuisine at favorite restaurants, and discovering hidden gems while shopping.

Meteorologist Felicia Combs is not only a dedicated professional but also a spirited adventurer, embodying the essence of meteorology as a science that bridges our connection to the ever-changing world around us. Her journey continues as she navigates the South Florida weather landscape, providing viewers with the accurate and insightful forecasts they rely on.

Does Felicia Combs Have Children?

No, Felicia Combs does not have any children of her own. However, she has a nephew named Xander, whom she enjoys babysitting. Felicia once bought Xander a onesie with the message “My mom’s taken, but my aunt is cute and single,” which humorously indicates her relationship status. In a tweet, she expressed her disapproval of parents who speak negatively to their children, emphasizing the importance of nurturing a child’s spirit with positivity.

Felicia Combs is a feminist and has a love for children. While she wants kids of her own, she also supports and stands up for women who prioritize their careers over starting a family.

Felicia Combs Net Worth:

Felicia Combs’ estimated net worth is approximately $550,000, according to Popular Networth. However, it’s important to note that this information is not official and should be taken as an estimate. Additionally, her salary is believed to be around $52,000 per year.

Is Felicia Combs Married?

As for her marital status, Felicia Combs is not married, and there is no information available about her husband because she is not currently married. She is also not engaged, and she has not publicly disclosed any details about her dating life. It appears that she values her privacy and keeps her personal life away from the public eye.

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