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John Easterling, the spouse of the late iconic singer and actress Olivia Newton-John, stands out as an extraordinary individual celebrated for his empathy and trailblazing endeavours. Olivia Newton-John, beloved for her iconic roles and melodious voice, passed away in August 2022 at the age of 73, leaving behind a rich legacy.

In a recent TV interview, John talked openly about how he’s been feeling since he lost Olivia. He told us how he’s been feeling really sad and how he really, really misses Olivia. He talked about how they felt really close to each other because of the way they connected. It’s a bit like he gave us a sneak peek into what their relationship was like.

John Easterling, who is known for his role as the founder and president of the Amazon Herb Company, was more than just a partner to Olivia Newton-John. He still feels her presence and often speaks to her “out loud,” expressing the deep connection they had. John’s special path in his job included spending more than twenty years in the Amazon rainforest.

There he used to grow some rare medicinal plants which are used for enhancing people’s health and their well being. This had a huge impact on the Amazon Herb Companies turn over and numbers. Because of his new and creative ideas, the company made a huge $100 million by selling these really important products.

John Easterling

John and Olivia’s love story began in the mid-1990s, eventually leading to a spiritual union in 2008 through an Incan ceremony held in Peru. Olivia’s daughter, Chloe, who came from a marriage before, was really important in their lives. In a recent TV interview, John had said that their relationship was strong, even after Olivia has passed away.

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John loves special plants from the Amazon and takes care of his health in a special way. Even though Olivia isn’t here anymore, John lives for both of them, like he said in a sweet talk. Their journey together proves that if you love someone so deep even after their departure you will feel the pain and agony. Seeing their bond encourages people who have known them closely that one can find a special friend no matter how tough life gets.

John Easterling Biography:

Name John Easterling
Nick Name Amazon John
Age Born December 13, 1949 (age 73 years)
Birthplace North Carolina, USA
Occupation Entrepreneur, Environmentalist
Spouse Olivia Newton-John (m. 2008 – 2022)
Children Chloe Lattanzi (Stepdaughter), Emerson Newton-John (Stepson)
Awards Recognition for environmental conservation
Hobbies Exploring rainforests, herbal medicine
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed
Father Not available
Mother Not available
Education Not available
Debut Business Founded the Amazon Herb Company
Amazon Herb Company Produced Amazonian medicinal and therapeutic plants worth over $100 million
Happy Tree Microbes Founded a company after selling Amazon Herb Company
Connection to Olivia Newton-John Second husband of Olivia Newton-John
Incan Spiritual Ceremony Married Olivia Newton-John in an Incan spiritual ceremony in Peru in 2008
Documentaries Known for appearances in “Big River Man” (2009) and “The Reality of Truth” (2016)
Philanthropic Efforts Environmental conservation, rainforest preservation
Legacy Contribution to promoting herbal medicine and environmental awareness
Inspirations Deep connection with the Amazon rainforest
Personal Traits Known for his connection to nature and spirituality
Interviews Shared insights on dealing with loss and grief
Business Ventures Strong advocate for sustainable business practices
Public Statements Expressed feelings and tributes to Olivia Newton-John
Business Philosophy Combining nature’s wisdom with modern technology
Rainforest Exploration Spent over two decades in the Amazon rainforest
Spouse’s Tribute Wrote touching letters to Olivia Newton-John after her passing
Spiritual Beliefs Embraces spiritual ceremonies and healing practices
Cultural Impact Influence on promoting holistic health and well-being
Media Coverage Covered in media for his relationship with Olivia Newton-John
Environmental Activism Advocate for rainforest preservation and sustainable living
Entrepreneurial Success Successful founder of Amazon Herb Company
Contribution to Medicine Brought Amazonian medicinal plants to market
Continued Work Continues to be involved in environmental and holistic initiatives
Relationship Lessons Shared insights about love and soulmates
Documentary Appearances Featured in documentaries related to nature and consciousness
Influence on Healing Shared experiences about the healing power of nature
Support System Provides emotional support to Olivia Newton-John’s family
Inspiration from Olivia Acknowledged Olivia Newton-John’s influence on his life
Contributions to Culture Impact on the perception of holistic wellness and alternative medicine

John Easterling Movies:

Amazon John Easterling is known for his contributions to the world of entertainment, being part of remarkable films. He has been involved in making captivating movies like “Deltopia” from 2023, “Big River Man” from 2009, and “The Reality of Truth” from 2016. These films show how talented he is and how he can make stories come alive on the big screen.

John Easterling’s life journey has also been filled with important relationships, including being married to the legendary Olivia Newton-John before. Their connection and shared experiences make his story deeper. They show how good he is at connecting with others in a special way. His journey, both in the entertainment world and his personal life, shows his love for what he does and the impact he has on the people around him.

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