Geraldine Bazán and Patricia Corcino, the two new members of 'La Casa de los Famosos'

The mystery was cleared up! Two of the new members of The House of the Famous They have already been revealed and since Wednesday night they are already living with the other inhabitants. This is the Mexican actress, Geraldine Bazan; and the Puerto Rican television presenter, Patricia Corcino; who join the competition to give a fresh touch to the fourth season of the reality of Telemundo.

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Patricia Corcino and Geraldine Bazán

Since this Wednesday afternoon, the production was giving clues about the two new inhabitants that would be revealed this week. Some of the fans of Geraldine and Patricia guessed from the beginning that it was them and began to show their full support.

The first to enter the house by order of The boss It was Geraldine, who surprised her companions and from the first moment was very kind to them. Claudia was the second to cross the door of the most famous house on television and although she immediately joined her compatriot, Maripily Riverafans of the show noticed that came with an important message for Cristina Porta. Will this be the beginning of a new alliance?

For now, the inhabitants will begin to live with the two new members of the show, who still have time to define which team they will be part of. Well, even though they slept in the Earth room, it has yet to be defined if they will remain there or move to Water or Fire.

The surprises are not over yet, because The House of the Famous It still hopes to receive two more inhabitants who will be announced in the following days. Rumors about which celebrity will join the show are already beginning to spread on social networks, where they also show their support for the participants who have been there since the end of January: Lupillo Rivera, Maripily Rivera, Pedro Figueira 'La Divaza', José Reyes 'La Melaza', Alana Lliteras, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Clovis Nienow, Silvia Del Valle 'La Bronca', Alfredo Adame, Guty Carrera, Rodrigo Romeh and Cristina Porta.

New members, new rules

The Boss is clear about the rules of her house, and has some considerations for the new members. And, because we are newcomers, Geraldine Bazán and Patricia Corcino have 15 days of immunity; that is, none of the inhabitants will be able to vote for them this nomination Thursday. To make the game fairer given that they have outside information, Geraldine and Patricia will not be considered for voting by the inhabitants either. that these two weeks they can be nominated.

La Jefa's decision to welcome new residents into her house is due, in part, to the departure of three of the original participants. Let us remember that a little more than three weeks later, Thalí García decided to leave the house, causing her disqualification.. A week later, Gregorio Pernía voluntarily left the reality show; and days later Carlos Gómez 'El Cañón' was expelled after a fight in which he threw the first blow, leaving him out of the competition for the briefcase with 200 thousand dollars.

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