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Nancy Calderon is a prominent Guatemalan news anchor renowned for her intelligence, poise, and dedication to delivering insightful news coverage. She currently co-anchors the primetime news program on Telediario, Guatemala’s leading news channel, alongside Luis Enrique Lara.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence

Calderon’s passion for journalism blossomed in 2007 when she began her television career as a news anchor at Canal Antigua. Her talent and dedication were recognized in 2010, leading her to Telediario, where she initially anchored the morning news. Demonstrating exceptional journalistic skills and audience connection, she was promoted to anchor the coveted primetime news program in 2015.

Award-Winning Journalist

Throughout her illustrious career, Calderon’s commitment to journalistic excellence has been recognized with prestigious awards:

  • Best News Anchor of Guatemala (2016): Solidifying her position as a leading voice in Guatemalan news media.
  • Excellence in Journalism Award (2017): Highlighting her commitment to delivering truthful and impactful news coverage.
  • Woman of the Year Award (2018): Celebrating not only her journalistic achievements but also her role model status for aspiring female journalists.


Nancy Calderon honed her journalistic skills at the esteemed University of San Carlos de Guatemala, laying the foundation for her successful career.


  • 2007: Begins news anchoring career at Canal Antigua.
  • 2010: Joins Telediario as morning news anchor.
  • 2015: Promoted to co-anchor Telediario’s primetime news program.

Personal Life

While Nancy Calderon keeps her personal life largely private, it is known that she is married and has two children. She is passionate about social issues and actively advocates for women’s and children’s rights.

Nancy Calderon

Beyond the News Desk: A Passionate Advocate

Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, Nancy Calderon extends her influence beyond the news desk. She is a vocal advocate for women’s and children’s rights, actively championing causes that empower women and promote the well-being of children.

Name Nancy Calderon
Birthplace Guatemala City, Guatemala
Education University of San Carlos de Guatemala
Career Start 2007
Current Position Co-Anchor, Primetime News, Telediario
Awards Best News Anchor of Guatemala (2016), Excellence in Journalism Award (2017), Woman of the Year Award (2018)
Social Activism Advocate for Women’s and Children’s Rights
Goodwill Ambassador UNICEF Guatemala
Spouse Information not publicly available
Children Two

Nancy Calderon’s dedication to journalism, combined with her unwavering social advocacy, makes her a role model and a powerful voice in the Guatemalan media landscape. Her presence on Telediario ensures viewers receive top-quality news coverage while inspiring future generations of journalists, particularly women, to pursue their dreams.

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