Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Will Kajal get evicted from the show?

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is inching close to its finale on December 19 (Sunday). In the last round of eviction, Kajal is most likely to get evicted from the show, sources suggest.
As per the latest reports, Kajal got evicted from the reality TV show. However, an official confirmation is awaited at the moment.

Kajal is known for her provocative game in the show. She grabbed attention with her first fight with Lahari Shari in the first week. Kajal eventually had her share of major fights with Ravi, Sreerama Chandra, Anee and many others in the show. She was seen close to Sunny and Maanas towards the end of her stint in the show.

Kajal played a key role in Sunny winning the eviction-free pass. Though she has been in nominations since day one, Kajal couldn’t become a captain in the house. It was one of her biggest regrets, too.

Kajal, who claims to be a big fan of the reality TV series, was often criticised for trying to ‘create conflicts and content’. She has earned the tag of ‘Cunny Kajal’ by a section of netizens on social media.

She has won a chance to appeal for public vote in the previous episode but her eviction from the show seems inevitable. Meanwhile, tonight’s (December 11) episode is likely to reveal the next finalist of the season.

Shanmukh Red Card Elimination:

On the other end news is circulating that Bigg Boss makers are going to eliminate Shanmukh Jaswanth via Red Card this weekend.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is getting more interesting by the day for its viewers. The show makers have roped in some new faces from different fields to entertain the small screen viewers.

Now, the show is inching towards its 14th-week elimination. The nominated contestants are Shanmukh, Siri, RJ Kajal, Sunny and Maanas. Actually, Maanas is said to be trailing behind other contestants as per latest voting trends. Rumors are flying thick and fast in telly circles that Shanmukh is likely to get eliminated from the house this weekend.

Shanmukh is regarded as one of the most popular contestants in the house. There is no doubt about him garnering highest votes from his fans and audience.

However, Shanmukh’s behavior and his on and off relationship with Siri is said to be damaging the show reputation, as per reports. Bigg Boss viewers who are fed up with Shannu-Siri behaviour in the house are now demanding that the Star Maa evict Shanmukh from the house. Just two weeks left for the curtains to come down on the show. We have to wait and see whether Bigg Boss makers are really going to eliminate Shanmukh via Red Card this weekend. Let’s wait and watch.

Regarding Siri Hanumanth Eviction:

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Shanmukh and Siri often manage to be in the headlines. The duo always has tom and jerry fights in the house. Last night, Shanmukh was having a conversation with Siri asking her, what would happen to him if she were to get eliminated this week. Siri seems to be confident about her game and assures him that she won’t get evicted from the house so early.

If one were to go by unofficial voting polls, Siri, Kajal and Maanas are in the danger zone right now. Reports are doing the rounds Siri might face the axe this weekend as she is hurting the viewers with her behavior in the house. Viewers also say that she is spoiling Shannu’s game. If Siri gets eliminated, there’s a chance for Shanmukh to be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. On the other hand, Shanmukh can give stiff competition to his competitor Sunny as his focus will turn towards the trophy from Siri.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5

Predictions of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Winner:

Already names like VJ Sunny and Sriram Chandra are making rounds as winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

When Syed Sohel Ryan contestant from Bigg Boss 4 was asked to name who has the highest chances of becoming the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu. Sohel predicted that VJ Sunny or SRC will be the winner of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Let’s see whether Sohel’s predictions of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 winner will come true.

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