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Kirsten Mitchell is an American News reporter and anchor working for WCCO. She joined the station in November 2021 as a reporter.

Kirsten Mitchell is an accomplished journalist and news anchor known for her dedication to reporting and storytelling. Born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Kirsten has a strong connection to her home state and is proud to share its stories with the world. This biography explores her journey in the field of journalism and her experiences that have shaped her career.

Early Life and Education

Kirsten Mitchell’s journey in journalism began at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where she pursued her passion for storytelling. She graduated from the university and embarked on a path that would take her to various corners of the country, reporting on diverse and impactful stories.

Professional Career

Multimedia Journalist in Panama City, Florida

Kirsten’s career took off as a Multimedia Journalist in Panama City, Florida. During her time there, she covered significant events, including the catastrophic Hurricane Michael. Her coverage of the storm, from its approach to its aftermath, provided lifesaving information to the community. Kirsten’s exceptional reporting during this crisis earned her recognition, including the 2018 Florida Associated Press Broadcasters Association awards for the Best Overall Multimedia Journalist and Best General Assignment Story in the small market category.

Weekend Anchor and Reporter in Fresno, California

Kirsten’s dedication to journalism led her to Fresno, California, where she served as a Weekend Anchor and Reporter at KSEE/KGPE. In Fresno, she tackled important issues, such as wildfires and the state’s severe drought. Her reporting showcased her commitment to delivering news that matters to the community.

Kirsten Mitchell

Joining WCCO in Washington, D.C.

In November of 2021, Kirsten Mitchell joined the esteemed team at WCCO as a reporter. Her return to her home state of Minnesota marked a significant milestone in her career. Kirsten’s storytelling skills and passion for journalism continue to shine as she covers stories in the nation’s capital and beyond.

Personal Interests

Beyond her impressive journalism career, Kirsten enjoys a variety of personal interests. In her free time, she can be found spending quality moments with her family, embarking on runs or hikes, and exploring the vibrant restaurant scene in her area.

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Favorites and Fun Facts of Kirsten Mitchell

  • Music: Kirsten’s music taste spans genres, with a soft spot for artists like Kacey Musgraves and Fleetwood Mac.
  • Movie: She appreciates classics like “The Sound of Music.”
  • TV Show: A fan of humor, Kirsten enjoys “Saturday Night Live.”
  • Author: J.K. Rowling’s literary creations have captured her imagination.
  • Food: She has a penchant for spicy dishes.
  • Local Restaurant: Kirsten’s love for dining out leaves her with too many favorites to choose from.
  • Hidden MN Gem: She keeps her favorite Minnesota gems a well-guarded secret.
  • Sport/Exercise: Whether it’s running, hiking, or a challenging fitness class, Kirsten stays active.
  • Historical Figure: The iconic Frida Kahlo holds a special place in her admiration.
  • Favorite Minnesotan: It’s a tough choice between Prince and Bob Dylan.
  • Quote: Kirsten finds inspiration in Maya Angelou’s words: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  • Word: Love is a word that resonates with her.
  • Vacation Spot: Any location with a beach calls to her.
  • Holiday: Christmas is a cherished time for Kirsten.
  • Planet: Earth, our beautiful home.
  • Social Media: She prefers Twitter for staying connected.
  • Pets: Kirsten’s allegiance lies with dogs.
  • Music Legends: She appreciates both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
  • Movie Preference: Her choice between comedy and tearjerkers depends on her mood.
  • Communication: Text messages are her preferred mode of communication.
  • Technology: She’s a fan of Mac computers.
  • Chronotype: Whether she’s a morning person or night owl depends on the day.
  • Coastal Preference: Kirsten leans towards the West Coast.
  • Sci-Fi Allegiance: Instead of Star Trek or Star Wars, she opts for Harry Potter.
  • Minnesota Game: In the “Grey Duck” or “Goose” debate, she’s in favor of “Grey Duck.”

Contact Kirsten Mitchell

Kirsten Mitchell’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to sharing meaningful stories make her a respected figure in journalism. For inquiries, story ideas, or speaking engagements, don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi! Kirsten’s passion for connecting with her audience shines through in her work, and she welcomes opportunities to engage with her community.

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